Hanley Hose Company

5th & Crosby St.
Date unknown

Early Hanley Hose Company Members; Photo courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd

Photo courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd, miserabill@aol.com

Front Row, left to right (sitting):

1. Roy B. Andrews, Recording Secretary

2. John Dwyer

3. William R. Stewart, Financial Secretary

4. Harry B. Stewart, Trustee

5. James McMonegle, Trustee

6. Joseph Mills, President

7. E. O. Mahon, Chief Engineer, Chester Fire Department

8. Robert Watson, Trustee

9. Benjamin S. Worrrilow, Engineer

10. William Walley

11. Geo. W. Deamer, Foreman

Second Row, left to right:

1. William Allen

2. Wm. Gremminger

3. Wm. J. Janley

4. Wm. A. McCoy

5. C. Ireland

6. J. Barrowclough

7. H. Bamforth

8. Al. Higeley

9. Harry Mills

10. Harry G. Yeager

11. Decatur A. Booth, Driver

12. Chas. Salisbury

13. Lewis McCoy

14. William G. Keesey

Third Row, left to right:

1. S. L. Wheaton, Treasurer

2. T. E. Worrilow

3. Wm. H. Lentz

4. Samuel Meeth

5. David A. Dolan

6. Thos W. Ridington, Jr.

7. William Dougherty

8. James Dougherty

Identities of these members from the
Hanley Hose Company's 100th Anniversary Program book
available in the files of Delaware County Historical Society

2001, 2002, 2005 John A. Bullock III.
Graphic Details Publications

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