Old Chester, PA: Mills

Aberfoyle Manufacturing Co.
The Aberfoyle cotton yarn mill was for sale in 1950 after 61 years of operation in the city.
    There was also an Aberfoyle Country Club located in Nether Providence.

Arasapha Textile Mill

Blakeley Mills > became Lincoln Manufacturing Co. > became Chester Spinning Mill > became Ewing-Thomas Converting Co. in 1925.  The plant was located on Morton Avenue above 10th St.

Chester Lace Mill

Crozer Mills (Upland, PA)

Eddystone Manufacturing Co.
A new wharf was built in 1900 to accommodate three boats.
One of the oldest cotton print cloth manufacturers in the area.
    Acquired by Joseph Bancroft & Sons Co. of Wilmington DE in 1925.

Ewing Mills
   9th & McIlvain (between 9th & Green)
    Gene "Zac" Zacniewski, zac@dfn.com, recalls, "Mother worked there during the 60's - paid for piece work"

Gartside Mill
Front & Fulton St.

Irving Mills (Irving & Leiper Manufacturing Company)
25th & Ridley Ave.

Lincoln Mills
10th & Morton Ave.
    c. 1903 - ?

Logwood Mill, foot of Lamokin Street, closed in 1950 after 115 years of operation.

Shaw & Esrey

Ship & Shore, (ladies blouses) Upland

Sunny Side Mills, J. Ledward & Son






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