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Isaac Dalton

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Isaac Dalton
Laid to Rest

Warm tribute to the Memory of Isaac Dalton

A Good Man's Earnest Life

It is Praised by Men Who Knew Him Best

Ex-Pastors of the Departed Tell of His Faith and His Christian Character and Dr. Weston Adds Tender Words of Eulogy.

The funeral of Isaac Dalton, which took place yesterday in Upland, was made the occasion by the people of the town of a warm tribute to his life and character. The cortege moved from his late home, Eighth and Main Streets, to the Methodist Church, [Upland Methodist Church] where the services were held.

Hymns of faith, trust and triumph were sung by the choir and the speakers in loving words told of the quiet, steady, well rounded Christian life of the departed.

The casket was borne into the church by Rev. Vincent Nichols, Geroge Watson, B. F. Compton, Jabez Coe, John G. Ferguson and J. W. Parsons. It was placed by the altar rail, where he often knelt, while upon and about it were beautiful floral emblems from his late employer and others.

The services were in charge of Rev. W. H. Aspril, the pastor, who made a few remarks, and three ex-pastors assisted. They were Rev. Nathaniel Turner, Rev. John Stringer and Rev. J. P. Miller. Prayer was offered by Mr. Miller,

Mr. Turner read the hymns and addresses were made by Rev. Mr. Stringer, Rev. Dr. H. G. Weston and Rev. Vincent Nichols.

Interment was made at Chester Rural Cemetery, Rev. Mr. Aspril, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Stringer officiating.

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