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Edward A. Price

[Chester?] Times 4-10-24

Funeral of Edward A. Price

Edward A. Price, son of the late William Gray and Jane Elizabeth Price, of this city, who died  at his home in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Saturday last, was buried Tuesday afternoon, from the home of his brother, General William G. Price, Jr., 900 Kerlin street, this city. The services were conducted by Dean Francis M. Taitt, rector of St. Paul's P.E. Church, who spoke of the high character of the deceased and the loss suffered through his death to the community at large. The pallbearers were relatives of Mr. Price and were his nephews, J.P. Eyre Price, superintendent of highways; Captain Terrill E. Price, of the United States
Army; William Aldrich Price, cousin, Frank S. Baker, Dr. Harold S. Broomall [my grandfather-ABW] and John W. Shaw. Interment was private and was made in Chester Rural Cemetery.

Services were held at the grave by Rev. Francis M. Taitt and Chester Lodge, NO. 236, F. & A. M. of which Mr. Price had long been a member.

Besides his widow, Mrs. Nellie Shaw Price, he is survived by a daughter, Miss Helen S. Price, and two brothers, General William G. Price Jr., of this city, and Colonel Howard G. Price, of the united States Army.

[I believe this article was also in the same paper.]


The following article was printed in the Wilkes-Barre Independent:
:Edward A. Price, whose death is announced, was the scion of one of Pennsylvania's distinguished families. On his paternal side Mr. Price was descended from a family that settled in Pennsylvania prior to the arrival of William Penn. The head of the family was Peter Aldrich, [Pieter Alricks] who expatriated himself from Holland with the Dutch West Indies Company in the early seventeenth century and settled in what is now Chester. [Note: this is not exactly true. Pieter Alricks settled in New Castle Delaware. His great-granddaughter Elizabeth Alricks married John Price and they moved to Marcus Hook PA before 1744. I can't find any more about John Price's forbears, except that he is from a Wilmington family. ABW] His maternal grandfather,
James Campbell, war [was?] manufacturer of cotton goods in Chester and his mill was the first steam driven mill in Delaware County. The family of Mr. Price have ever held forward rank in the military life of the nation and their names are linked with every war in which the country has taken part.

"Mr. Price was born in Chester, of the union of William G. [Sr.] and Jane Campbell Price. He was educated in the schools of that town. In 1892 he married Mary E. Shaw, who survives.

"'Ed' Price, as he was affectionately known by his many friends, was of  a quiet and unobtrusive nature, a calm and steady purpose, of a sweet and amiable disposition, and he endeared himself to a great host of friends who mourn his passing. Devoted to the interests of his home and family, he was essentially a family man and while other considerations occupied some part of his time the first and highest thought was of those who gathered about his family hearth.

"A man of sterling honesty and of an infinite capacity for taking pains in his work, he stood high among his business associates and his advice on matters of business was highly valued. He was always interested in the community welfare and during the war gave unstintingly of his service in promoting the welfare of the lads in the service. His death leaves a gap that will be hard to fill.
Those who knew 'Ed' Price loved him and his friends were legion."

Thanks to Anne Wiegle, awiegle@fast.net for sharing this obituary.  "This is a nephew of Hon. Edward A. Price"

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