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Everett E. Winfree

"My father's name was Everett E. Winfree.  He would have been 84 on March 1st [2003].  He graduated from Chester High in 1937.

He was also a visitor to this website. He grew up in Chester at 7th and Barclay then moved to Madison Street. He went to Chester High and married his childhood sweetheart, Mildred Traub. They were married 56 years when my dad passed away this past April. [2002]. I would like to have his name added to the obituary list. He was the nephew of Howard Winfree who was the police chief of Chester during the 50s. He was also the nephew of Sam D'Amato who is pictured in the mounted police photo. My dad really enjoyed reading the news in this site. Is there anyone out there who may have known my dad? After he and my mom married they moved to MacDonald Street where they resided until 1958 when we moved to Chester Heights."

Thanks to Linda Winfree, for sharing her father's obituary.

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2003 John A. Bullock III.

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