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Class of 1941


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Many thanks to Lee Bennington for keying in and sharing with us the following list of the Dewey School Class of 1941.

"Here is the 1941 graduating class. The CHS Annual didn't give the home school for all of the CHS 1945 class so I had to rely on an unreliable memory. 1941 was the last peacetime class prior to WWII and 1945 was the last wartime class ....of WWII. Some students went into the service before high school graduation....including me. I waited till I had enough time as a senior to qualify for a "wartime diploma". As a result, there are Dewey grads that I know started CHS in 1941 but they don't show up in the Annual. I know the names on this list were Dewey grads but I also know there are a number of grads missing from the list. Perhaps some of your readers will be able to contribute more."

- Lee Bennington


June H Aufgang
R. Lee Bennington
Carolyn E. Bilinski
John Butler
Mario J. Calise
Lillian Chawaga
Phyllis V. Cornell
Vera Dmytrykiw
George A. Dougherty
Thomas Ewing
Henry W. Glass
Andrew Grasty
Mildred Irving
Harold Jarin
Doris H. Jones
Betty A. Kilpatrick
Richard J. Kozicki
Lillian Krawzow
Sydney Laiken
Albert J. Laskoski
Richard T. Levis
John Masishin
Jean McCoy
Sadie Melko
Theodore H. Middleton
Bernard Miller
Dorothy H. Phillips 
Joanne M. Przywitowska
Dorothy E. Roberts
Ethel Rosenberg
Edward W. Rozmarynoski
Leona L. Salo
Stanley Shurygailo
Stella H. Szurkowski
Florence E. Wakeling
Frank Watroba
Amelia M. Wintarlik


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2002 John A. Bullock III.

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