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Dewey School

Horace Mann & Dewey School; Photo from Chester and Vicinity  1914 by Hy. V. Smith

"Horace Mann & Dewey School"
Photo from Chester and Vicinity 1914 by Hy. V. Smith

3rd St. between Jeffrey & Yarnell

Grades 7-8

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Nathaniel Plafker
Addison H. Showalter Addison H. Showalter (1921-1942) - 6
(later Superintendent of Schools)


John Vaul (? - 1950 - 1956 - ?) - 3
(later Superintendent of Schools)
Nathaniel Plafker - 
Mrs. Hazel Griffith - 2
Mr. Galliadi (sp?) - 2
Elizabeth Williams (? - 1974-75 - ?) - 3

Faculty: Some Teachers:

"Dutch Boyer", boys P.E.
Morton - 6th grade
Mrs. Hutchinson - 4th grade
Mr. Joseph Jennings "The best teacher I ever had!" - 2

Miss Ferry (Her brother was a pro-football player.) - 1

June 1927 Faculty [Picture] - 6

Emma Platt
Fannie Foster
Nellie Sproat
Mary J. Morton
Caroline Orr
Bertha Reynolds
Elinor Graham
Mildred Skillman
Elizabeth Jones
Kathryn Squier
Alice Edwards
Margaret Doyle
Thomas Cockill
Josephine Renneberg
Bertha Julius
Ida Mills
Helen Ward
Mary Calder
Helen Chandler
Emma Johnson
Marion O'Brien
Lillian Marshall
Erma McCleery
Violet Ferry
Mary Juett
Ruth Jones
George Elliott
Lillian Murray
Josephine Williams

1933 to 1941: - 4

1st Grade.....Mrs. Rearick
2nd Grade....Mrs.Orr
4th  Grade....Ms A.B. Mielke, Mrs. Foster
5th Grade.....Ms Madline Maloy
6th Grade.....Ms Rea Frank
7th Grade.....Mrs. Helen Mauger, Mrs. Lillian Marshall
8th Grade.....Ms Violet Ferry

Art................Mr Max Long
Music............Mrs Rice
Health, Phys Ed ...Mr. Thomas Cockill
Reading........Ms Louge
Math.............Mrs. Carpenter
History (Current Events)...Mr. Brown  

Mrs. Mauger's husband was the owner of Mauger's Pharmacy in the next block, on Third Street between Yarnall & Reaney.

Ms Louge married a Chester policeman, Francis Holt, who rose to the rank of Captain.

December 1936: - 6

Helen Carpenter
Thomas C. Cockill, Jr.
Helen Courtney
Violet R. Ferry
Fannie Foster
Rea Frank
Regina Gallery
Elizabeth Humma
Bertha Julius
Anna Logue
Max Long
Howard Lutton
Madeline Maloy
Lillian Marshall
Helen Mauger
Emma McCleery
Sara J. Morton
Lillian Murray
Marion O'Brien
Harriett Orr
W. Robert Prosser
Clara Rearick
Bertha Reynolds
Emily Rice
Leona Sealey
Nellie Sproat
Cora Tonge
Lucille Weber
Josephine Williams

December 1936 - 6

Helen Carpenter
Thomas C. Cockill, Jr.
Mary R. Courtney
Helen Crystle
Violet R. Ferry
Helen Finucane
Fannie Foster
Rea Frank
Regina Gallery
Louretta Hobbs
Anna Holt
Mabel Hutchison
Bertha Julius
Max Long
Lillian Marshall
Helen Mauger
Emma McCleery
Abagail Mielke
Sara J. Morton
Lillian Murray
Marion O'Brien
W. Robert Prosser
Emily Rice
Leona Sealey
Dorothy Shaffer
Nellie Sproat
Nathan Tobias
Lucille Weber

Here is a list of teachers that were teaching at Horace Mann and Dewey Mann Schools: - 7

1st grade- Miss Helen Crystle 
2nd grade- Mrs. Abigail Mielke 
3rd grade- Mrs. Nellie Sproat (related to Mrs. O'Brien) 
4th grade- Miss Dorothea Shaffer 
5th grade - Mrs. Marion O'Brien 
6th grade Mrs. Sara Morton (related to the famous Morton family) 
7th grade- Mrs. Pepper (also taught Art classes)
8th grade Miss Elizabeth Ferry (her family had Ferry's Shoe Repair Store on Welsh near 8th Street). Miss Ferry also taught History. 

Horace Mann was grades from 1st to 5th 
Dewey Mann was grades 6th,7th, and 8th 
Our class that graduated from Dewey-Mann was the last class to go directly to Chester High. After that time all classes came into Chester High in the 10th grade.

Mrs.Helen Mauger was the librarian (and was also the wife of the neighborhood druggist [Harvey Mauger]. Everyone would go to the drug store for the famous coca-cola-flavors available were regular, cherry, vanilla, and chocolate. DELICIOUS!!!

Mrs. Anna Baxter was the music teacher. We had some great musicals - see the Copies of Dewey-ette - the school newspaper.

Principals were Addison Showalter, then John Vaul. Mr. Nathaniel Plafker took over as principal when John Vaul left to serve his country. 


1958-1964: - 5

Ms. Hunt
Ms. Brinkley
Ms. Sharp
Mr. Pitts
MS Magee
Mr. Parker
Mr. Council
Mr. Swigget

Staff: Ms. Burley (Secretary) - 5

Elizabeth Mushlit (Secretary, December 1936) - 6

Helen Eachus (Secretary, December 1939) - 6

Janitors, December 1939: - 6

William Boulden
Thomas Goodley
Sadie Holcroft

PTA: December 1936 - 6

Mrs. Edward Simpson, President
Miss Virginia Muser, Vice President
Mrs. Hiram Harper, Secretary
Mrs. John Cordwell, Treasurer

December 1939 - 6

Mrs. Edward Armstrong, President
Mrs. Harvey Ritter, Vice President
Mrs. Helen Finucane, Secretary
Mrs. Samuel Pancoast, Treasurer

Safety Squad: This program started in 1922 by Addison H. Showalter, was the first program in the U.S. In 1955 Mr. Showalter was recognized by the Keystone Auto Club (now AAA) for his contribution to the highway safety program.

"Traffic Force", June 1927

John Potoski, Chief
Ray Betts, Asst. Chief

First Squad:
Matthew Olynik, Sergeant
William Lea
Galen Shriver
Francis Przywitowski
John Majewski

Second Squad:
Joe Matarese, Sergeant
Earl Blanton
Jackie Fletcher
Theodore Wieand
Frank Robinson

Third Squad:
Coleman Wolfe, Sergeant
Walter Panco
Paul Sterner
Harold McMaster
Henry Rutowski

December 1939 - 6

Donald Singleton, Captain

Classes: Class of 1927 - 6 (Class Roll & Picture)

Class of 1941 - 4

Class of 1954

Class of 1956 - Photo courtesy of David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com

School History: The following sketch on the naming of the school is from the Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA, compiled from "standard authorities" and with the assistance of Henry Graham Ashmead, Esq.:

"Admiral George Dewey, for whom the Dewey School is named, was born at Montpelier, Vermont, on Christmas night, 1837. He graduated from Annapolis in 1858, standing fifth in a class of sixteen. April 18, 1861, he was commissioned a lieutenant, and in that capacity was with Farragut at New Orleans, Port Hudson and Mobile. His victory at Manila, May 1, 1898, and his subsequent career are too recent and well known to be recounted here."

Recollections: "I attended Dewey and Horace Mann from 1958 to 1964. I remember that J. Lewis Crozer Library was on the back side of the school which was 4th & Jeffery and we used Spencer Memorial Church for an auditorium when we had assembly. There was Mike's store at 3rd & Jeffrey and Pity Pats between Jeffrey and Yarnell."

- Kathy Hall Miller, BROADWAY181@comcast.net

RJesus4me@aol.com recalls:

"...they played a very important role in my life as well as Miss. Powell, Mr. Jennings, they inspired me and gave me the courage and strength to plow ahead in life."

Many thanks  to the following for supplying additional information for this page:

1 - Don Hubickey, donhub@evenlink.com

2 - RJesus4me@aol.com

3 - Bob Vaughan, bbvaughan@aol.com

4 - Lee Bennington, RLBenni@netscape.net

5 - Kathy Hall Miller, BROADWAY181@comcast.net

6 - A. Harold Showalter, hshowalter@pa.net, son of Addison H. Showalter

7 - Alice Ritter, Rettira@aol.com 






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