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Daniel W. Jefferis School


12th Street between Hyatt & Melrose Ave.

School Colors:

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M. Ethelyn Godon (? - 1950 - ?) - 1, 2
Frank Kapochus (? - 1974-75 - ?) - 2

Faculty: Some Teachers:

1932-1933: - 1
Elizabeth A. Scott
Jeanette V. Lewis
Ms E. T. Miles
M.E. Godon (Ms Godon later became principal at Daniel W. Jefferis School.)
Ms Tooker

"Miss Tooker, first grade teacher, was as sweet as her name. She would buy extra milk for the poor kids (the class had milk every day about 10:00 am...but it was not free...Johnson milk was the brand, I was a recipient of her generosity)"

 Stephen Zelznick - 5

Ms Patterson
Ms Green

Miss Gallagher (pre-1935 - 1942-1950 - ?) first grade - 3, 5

Mrs. Brockwell (? - 1942-1950 - ?) third grade - 3

"There was also a Mrs. Brockwell (not certain of spelling) who taught 3rd grade. her room had a view of the B&O railroad in the '40's near the end of the war & she would cry every time a troop train went by. I wonder if anyone else remembers that?
I lived on Elsinore Place in Sun Village and my great-grandmother would sit at the front entry window, morning & afternoon & watch me walk to & from school. It was a very warm & secure community."

- Helena Red Ashwell

Barrie W. Vaughan - vocal music - 2
"[My wife,] Barrie W Vaughan taught vocal music at Martin and Jefferis before going to Wetherill in 1946 and served the balance of her teaching career there."


Staff: Mr Beecham (custodian) - 1

Sports: Some Coaches/Athletic Directors:

Classes: Kindergarten Class, 1954

Photo courtesy of Carmella Straccione

Spring 1940

Photo courtesy of Stephen Zelznick

School History: Jefferis School was built in 1932 on the corner of 12th between Hyatt St. and Melrose Ave.. It was then that the one room school on the opposite corner that housed grades 1A & 1B was torn down.


Recollections: "I would like to mention the school bus trips to Valley Forge, and other historical sites, Lenapy Park, and Riverview Beach that was done at the end of the school year before getting out for summer vacation. Also the Safety Patrol Members Picnics not only from Jeffris School, but other schools also attended that was also held at Riverview Beach, and Lenapy Park. There were also trips to the Philadelphia Zoo that was free at the time, you only had to pay for refreshments, and souvenirs (This of Course was in the Nineteen Fifties). Then there were the Friday Night Dances for 6th Graders, not sure if other grades attended, maybe someone else can add information, I do remember other grade school children attending the dances from Stetser School. One of the Dance Hosts was Mrs. Springman. I remember her because she didn't like it if a boy or girl just stood, or sat in a corner, she would make sure everyone was dancing, and having fun, and would even help you to learn how to dance if you couldn't dance, she was great. Then after the dance, some of the children would go to the Melrose Diner that was on 12th Street not far from the school for hamburgers, sodas, etc. or just talk. During this time Jeffris School only went from 1st grade to the 6th grade, then you graduated to Middle School, Example: I went from Jeffris to Smedley Jr. High. Then there was May Day where you didn't have to do any school work, you were outside for celebration by holding relay races, playing ball, and other games, I forgot to mention these activities were played by class participation Example: One Class Competing Against another class for prizes. Parents could also attend to volunteer as helpers, or just by watching their children compete against each other, win or lose it was a lot of fun for everyone."

From Julian (Jule) Watras - 4


Many thanks to the following for contributing additional information for this page:

1 - Sara Rounds

2 - Bob Vaughan

3 - Helena Red Ashwell

4 - Julian (Jule) Watras

5 - Stephen Zelznick







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