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Martin School photo courtesy of a visitor to our 2002 "Fall Get-Together"

15th & Walnut

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Mabel Beacham (c. 1928, 1929)
Caroline Lord (? - 1950 - ?) - 4
Amy Prosser (1950's) - 3

(Wife of Chester High teacher Robert (Bob) Prosser.)

Faculty: Some Teachers:

Miss Booth - 2nd grade - 2
Mrs. Delia Bryson -
Miss Deakyne - 4th grade - 2
Helen Feeley (retired 1949)
Katherine Smith - 5
Felix Moleterri - 5th grade - 3
Miss Stiff - 5th grade - 2
Miss Wilson, Kindergarten - 3

Barrie W. Vaughan - vocal music - 4
"[My wife,] Barrie W Vaughan taught vocal music at Martin and Jefferis before going to Wetherill in 1946 and served the balance of her teaching career there."



Sports: Some Coaches/Athletic Directors:


School History: The following sketch on the naming of the school is from the Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA, compiled from "standard authorities" and with the assistance of Henry Graham Ashmead, Esq.:

"Dr. William Martin, for whom the Martin School is named, was born in Philadelphia, September 2, 1766. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1786, with the degree of Bachelor of Medicine. He practiced in Georgetown, Va., for over a year, and in 1788 came to Chester, where he was almost at once elected Chief Burgess. In April, 1789, when Washington passed through the town on his way to Now York to be inaugurated as the first President of the United States, Dr. Martin delivered the address of welcome to the President-elect. His office as Chief Burgess gave him a place on the county bench; he acquired a fondness for law, read, and was admitted to the Delaware County Bar in April, 1796. For a short time he practiced both as a physician and an attorney.

"In the "Aurora" of December 31, 1794 appeared an article from Dr. Martin's pen, in which he advocated the establishment of public schools, supported by an annual tax, for the pupils of the district in which the schools should be located. This is the first suggestion in our State annals of the advisability of a system of free public education, such as now obtains, and it was largely in recognition of this fact that the School Board, in 1888, called its newest building the "Martin School."

"Dr. Martin died a victim to yellow fever, in September, 1798, at the early age of thirty-three, and lies buried in St. Paul's church-yard.

"Dr. William Martin's son, William, whose portrait hangs in the Principal's room at the Martin School, was for a long time one of the most eminent citizens of Chester, and well worthy to bear his father's name."

Recollections: "Martin School had the first elementary male teacher, 5th grade, Felix Moleterri,
other teachers, Miss Wilson, Kindergarten, Miss Prosser was principal during the 50's.

"Before Martin there was a school on Smedley property called Powell School, I think it only had 3 grades. Then you went to Martin if you lived in second ward.  1st and 2nd grade were in one classroom.  Mrs. Forbes was the teacher."


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