The Upland Volunteers

"the "Upland Volunteers," Capt. Geo. K. Crozer, in service, July, 1863"

"The Republican, from which I have copied most of the lists, making some corrections, says in reference to [this list]:

'We have not been able to procure all the names of the Company, which numbers ninety men. They are encamped, for the present, on the Wissahickon. The people of Upland deserve all praise for raising this fine Company. We understand the Messrs. Crozers have set apart a sum of money for the families of volunteers.'"

Chester (and its Vicinity,) Delaware County in PA – Published 1877 – John Hill Martin, Esq.
fully indexed by John A. Bullock III., Graphic Details Publications


George K. Crozer, Captain

John Graff, 1st Lieut.

Thomas Stewart, 2nd Lieut.



1. R. S. Bentley

2. G. R. Vanzant

3. John Geltson

4. W. McNamee

5. Andrew Lampert




W. Anderson

James Allen

Mark Allen

Jas. Brackenridge, Jr.

James Buckley

Ratcliffe Bridge

Matson Baile

George Bleakley

W. Birley

John Bonnor

Edwin Blakely

W. Chalfant

Tho. Clough

Agur Castle

Robert Cardwell

James Cauliff

John Cardwell

Richard Crowther

Robert Cornog

John Conovan

W. Chadwick

James Daniels

W. Dalton

Ezra Dransfield

Isaac Dalton [Biography & Photo] [Obituary]

Wm. Dean

Wm. Dawson

Robert Elliott

George Elliott

William Finley

Henry Foster

Charles Firth

Andrew Finton

Allen Garside

Robert Garside

Luke Hepworth

Richard Hepworth

Alex. Hopkins

Wm. Henderson

Edward Howarth

Thomas Kay

John Lavery

George Loveland

David Minster

Arthur Martin

John McGovern

W. McClelland

James Mills

Joseph McBride

George Mousley

Charles McBride

Samuel Montgomery

Samuel Pretty

David Pretty

James Ross

Alex. Struthers

Samuel Saxon

W. Struthers

Joseph Scott

James Smith

Edward Taylor

John Thompson

Robert West

Joseph Wyatt

W. Ward

John Wyatt

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