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Robert Hall Crozer

Photograph from
One Hundred Years, The Delaware County Nation Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914

Robert Hall Crozer

(A biographical sketch taken from One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914)

Robert Hall Crozer (1872-80; fourth president of The Delaware County National Bank), son of John P. and Sallie (Knowles) Crozer, was born at Crozerville, Aston township, September 4, 1841. He entered the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated there-from before he was nineteen, with the degree of bachelor of arts, in the class of 1860.

When he became of age, he was admitted to the firm of John P. Crozer's Sons, comprising his elder brothers, J. Lewis and George Knowles Crozer, which copartnership carried on manufacturing at Upland until some time in the early eighties, when the business was discontinued. After that time, Mr. Crozer directed his attention to the supervision of his large estate and the conduct of the many charities and business enterprises in which he held responsible place.

From the institution of the Crozer Theological Seminary in 1866, he was a member of the board of trustees, and for many years he was a director of the Philadelphia Home for Incurables, located on Woodland avenue, West Philadelphia; a trustee of the Upland Baptist Church, a member of the board of managers of The Pennsylvania Baptist Educational Society, a member of the board of managers of The American Baptist Publication Society, a trustee of the Baptist Orphanage, Philadelphia, a trustee of The Sallie K. Crozer Fund for the Poor of Upland, a trustee of The Sallie K. Crozer Fund for the support of the Village Green Baptist Church, and a director of the Huntington and Broad Top Mountain Railroad and Canal Company, and a director of the Chester Free Library. He was also a director of The J. Lewis Crozer Homeopathic Hospital and Home for the Icurables, and since 1893, on the resignation of his brother, J. Lewis Crozer, was the treasurer of the Crozer Theological Seminary. Mr. Crozer repeatedly served as a member of Upland Borough Council, but in 1904 , he declined a renomination. Mr. Crozer was named for Rev. Robert Hall, the great English Baptist clergyman.

Robert H. Crozer died at Cape May, N. J., October 9, 1914, aged 73 years.

In his will were contained bequests to charitable objects amounting to $653,000. 





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