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Crozer Theological Seminary

Crozer Seminary

Upland, PA

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Presidents: Reverend Henry G. Weston - First President 

Milton G. Evans (formerly Dean) (? - 1934)

Reverend James H. Franklin (1934 - 1940 - ?) [Picture]

Dr. Bliss (Years: ? - ?)

(Grandfather of Chester High School teacher Miss Mary Raymond Jones)

Faculty: Some Teachers:

Rev. James B. Pritchard in July 1942 came from Parkside Methodist Church to occupy the chair of Old Testament History and Exegesis.

Kenneth L. Smith

"I thought you might want to add my husband's name to the faculty list. I believe he taught there longer than any other person-----from 1950 until his death in 1992. Martin Luther King was in the first Christian Ethics class he taught in 1950. He also wrote a book about King's studies called Search for the Beloved Community. My husband was: Kenneth L. Smith Graduate of U. of Richmond, Crozer Seminary & Duke University."

Faculty in October 1940: [Picture]

Dr. William R. McNutt
Dr. Rittenhouse Neisser
Dr. George W. Davis
Dr. James H. Franklin
Dr. Isaac G. Matthews
Dr. Gordon Poteat
Dr. Morton S. Enslin
Dr. Reuben E. E. Harkness
Mr. George F. Krueger


Classes: Some known students:

Averett, Ernest Young (1932-1936)

"My dad, ERNEST YOUNG AVERETT (1907-1997), went from Dinwiddie Co., VA to Crozer Seminary in 1932, graduating from the four-year program in 1936. He was President of the Student Body in his last year at Crozer. In 1960, he was given the 2nd Alumni Association award for distinguished Christian service to his church and community. The first award was granted the previous year to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He married JANET RAYMOND POWELL of Chester, PA in 1937. His pastorates included churches in North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia until his retirement in 1973. He died on 18 February 1997 at the Culpeper Baptist Retirement Community, in Culpeper, VA."

- Lewis Averett

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1948-1951)

Rev. David A. MacQueen (1941-1944)

The Reverend David B. Nickerson (Graduated 1957)

Maurice Stadtfeld, b. 20 July 1862 [Photo taken at Crozer]

School History: School opened October 2, 1868.

The building was originally constructed in 1857 by John P. Crozer as a Normal School.  During the Civil War it served as a US Army Hospital.  After 1865 Crozer Theological Seminary operated until 1970 when it relocated to Rochester, NY to merge with the ecumenical Colgate-Rochester Seminary.  The building still stands as a part of the Crozer Chester Medical Center campus.

Click here to visit the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School's website.

"EDUCATION FOR SERVICE" IS THE WAY OF LIFE At Crozer, a Forward-Looking Theological Seminary; Article and pictures from The Delaware County Advocate, October 1940 








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