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Upland Baptist Church
March 28, 1852 - Present

Contact Information:


325 Main Street
Upland, PA 19015

Phone 610-874-7474

Current Service Schedule

Sunday School for all ages 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship 10:45 a.m.


Upland Baptist Church; Photo courtesy of Chuck Phillips
Photo above courtesy of Chuck Phillips

Upland Baptist Church; Photo courtesy of Ralph L. Hall
Photo above courtesy of Ralph L. Hall

"From this photo, I can't tell if it's an entrance (at the rear) of the church building or if it's an entrance to the adjacent 'old Sunday School' building.  I favor the rear of the church building since the church is covered with white plaster (or stucco) and the other building is constructed of dark gray stone."
- Chuck Phillips

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If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of this church, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

Former Pastors: Rev. John Duncan (1852-1854)
Rev. William Wilder (1854-1865)
Dr. James M. Pendelton (1865-1883)
Dr. E. H. Johnson (Interim)
Rev. Charles L. Williams (1884-1893)
Rev. Frank C. Woods (1893-1904)
Dr. Walter Calley (1905-1909)
Rev. Charles L. Trawin (1909-1910)
Rev. Bergen D. Steele (1911-1921)
Dr. Edward B. Pollard (Interim)
Rev. Arnold E. Look (1923-1925)
Rev. Samuel E. Smith (1926-1934)
Rev. Guy C. Heyl (1935-1941)
Rev. John Parmer Gates (1941-1946)
Rev. David A. MacQueen (1947 - 1984) d. January 27, 1989 - 1
Rev. Dale R. Miller (1984-1997) - 2
Rev. Joseph Dalton (interim) - 2
Rev. Brenda A. Bartee Shaw (2000 - present) - 2

Church History:  
Recollections: "I am doing an extensive family research project, and was delighted to find my great-grandfather's name [Dr. Walter Calley] on your list of past pastors, with the years that he had served at Upland.  Such details really make ancestors come alive.  However, please note that you have misspelled his name.

"When I was first married, my husband and I lived in Lansdale, and at my grandfather's request we came to visit Upland Church on New Year's Day, 1978.  It was bitter cold, but with a brilliant blue sky that made the church gleam in contrast.  We still have the pictures, though we were not able to see the inside.  Someday I hope we are back in the area and are able to attend a service.  My grandfather, Francis Calley, was a small boy when his father was pastor, but had some of his earliest memories from Upland nonetheless."

Ms. Calley J. Savage

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1 - Riddledot80@aol.com

2 - Katherine Diggins, church secretary

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