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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School, erected 1901

Chester High School

Class of 1903


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA, available at the Delaware County Historical Society Research Library.
1903 Booth Florence Milby a
1903 Broomall Caroline Louise a
1903 Clough Roy Graham a
1903 Cramp Mabel Elizabeth a
1903 Crothers George Frank a
1903 Crystle Bessie Maria a
1903 Dalton John Franklin a
1903 Dougherty Elizabeth Genevieve a
1903 Eckert Edna Bottomly a
1903 Eichberg Christine Gourley a
1903 Esrey William Provost a
1903 Greenwood Josiah Ross a
1903 Lewis Elizabeth King a
1903 McClintock Mary a
1903 McNeal Margaret A a
1903 Megilligan Helen Leah a
1903 Pace Elizabeth Moulder a
1903 Partington Florence Amy a
1903 Peacock Lottie Price a
1903 Pennell Amos Gartside a
1903 Peoples Jean Scott a
1903 Roberts Jennie Forbes a
1903 Shanafelt Edith Harvey a
1903 Siple Cora Fahey a
1903 Slack Ethel Phoebe Broomall a
1903 Stainton Howard Smith a
1903 Tyson Charles Elwood a
1903 Webb Marie Louise a
1903 Wilkinson Amelia Tweedale a
1903 Wilkinson Corrie Edna a
1903 Wright Cantwell Greenleaf a
1903 Brewster Ethel Hampson c
1903 Hannum Howard Edmiston c
1903 Provost Jane Birtwell c
1903 Taylor Edward Miller c
1903 Blakeley Sarah Gertrude Madeline n
1903 Feeley Helen Gregory n
1903 Fenton Mary Elizabeth n
1903 Hart Estelle n
1903 Kilmore Elsie May n
1903 Kilson Ada Darling n
1903 LaDomus Henrietta Powell n
1903 Lawler Mary Cecila n
1903 Quimby Pearl Imbody n
1903 Rodgers Anna Isabella n
1903 Weir Abigail Dunlap n
1903 Wilson Hattie Sidella n
1903 Baker Jennie Prizer s
1903 Bottomley Charles Earle Edgar s
1903 Bouchelle Florence Lois s
1903 Boyle Rose Marie s
1903 Brown Archibald McCree s
1903 Carroll Isabelle Marie s
1903 Carroll Margaret Helena s
1903 Crawford Maude s
1903 Davis Jennie Clarke s
1903 Fahey Bessie May s
1903 Furlong William Henry s
1903 Hulse Mary Quincy s
1903 Kane Mary Francis s
1903 Pancoast Clarence Robeno s
1903 Roberts Maude Elsie s
1903 Rohrman May Aspril s
1903 Schmeltzer Elizabeth Eugenie s
1903 Campbell Elizabeth b
1903 Delaney Galbraith b
1903 Jones Mary Lurana b
1903 Jones Sara Emma b
1903 Schmeltzer Elizabeth Eugenie b
1903 Young Horace Dawson b



a = "Academic"
b = "Bookkeeping Course"
c = "Classical"
co = "Commercial Department"
n = "Normal Course"
s = "Stenography Course"



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