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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School, erected 1901

Chester High School

Class of 1904


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA, available at the Delaware County Historical Society Research Library.
Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Notes/Additional Info
Armitage Harry Marshall a
Arnold Frederic Lawrence a
Ayres Cecile Ada a
Butler Samuel Francis a
Cheetham Elizabeth Gartside a
Dutton Harwell Beeson a
Egbert Walter Ernest a
Fairlamb, Jr. Horace West a
Friel Anna Marie a
Hall Earle Gilbert a
Hart Jennie Hamilton a
Hewes Lillian a
Jack Richard Dutton a
James Grace Lewis a
Johnson Ethel Gertrude a
LaDomus Helen Broughton a
Logan Catharine Anne a
Luckie John Barton a
Mahon Anna Davis a
McClenachan, Jr. William Blake a 1942: District Attorney of Delaware County
M'Kain Mary Edna a
McMurtrie Andrew Wallace a
Newton Mabel a
Rohrman Elsie Gertrude a
Schmidt William Henry a
Selby George Winning a
Turner Ellwood Jackson a 1942: House of Representatives, Harrisburg, PA, Second District of Delaware County
Ullmann Gyula Ellis Roland a
Webb Carrie Mathilde a
Webb Ella Pauline a
Booth Florence Milby n
Broomall Caroline Louise n
Cramp Mabel Elizabeth n
Dougherty Elizabeth Genevieve n
Eichberg Christine Gourley n
McClintock Mary n
Pace Elizabeth Moulder n
Peacock Lottie Price n
Roberts Jennie Forbes n
Siple Cora Fahey n
Albany John A s
Allen Bessie M s
Brouse M Claire s
Cullin James F s
Evans, Jr. John J s
Furlong Rachel A s
Giles Marianne L s
Hemerley Clarence H s
Hoffman Lillian M s
Hoopes Frank W s
Johnson Rhoda E s
Letherbury Mary T s
Lukens Annie C s
McCain Catharine T s
McCray Ada E s
Ousey Leah s
Patterson Jennie R s
Pennington M Blanche s
Schmidt Caroline M s
Smedley Herbert H s
Sullivan Mary A s
Sweeney Agnes F s
Thomson Bertha C s
Williams Sarah s
Cramp, Jr. John F b
Glossop Ida M b
Holcroft Harry b
Boushelle Florence L co
Delaney Elizabeth C G co
Jones Sarah E co
Miller Frank E co
Twomey Aloysia X co
Young H Dawson co



a = "Academic"
b = "Bookkeeping Course" (certificates)
c = "Classical"
co = "Commercial Department - Complete Course" (Diplomas)
n = "Normal Course"
s = "Stenography Course" 



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