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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School, erected 1901

Chester High School

Class of 1906


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA, available at the Delaware County Historical Society Research Library.
Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Notes/Additional Info
Brown Ella Philomena
Clough Ethel Fallows n
Hall Natalie n
Hunter Carrie Dora n
Whittam Edna Alice n
Merrill George Abbot c
Shaffer Thomas Carlyle c
Bain Elizabeth Tomlinson a
Baxter Gertrude a
Blakeley Mary St. Leger a
Brown Arthur John a
Brown Clarence Augustus a
Clark Olive Myrtle a
Cochrane Constance a
Cunningham Bertha May a
Fogg Edith Rigby a
Giles Marianne Lea a
Glossop Ida May a
Hepworth Bertha Brooke a
Hopkins, Jr. James Pennock a
Humbert Rachel Hodil a
Jack Caroline a
Jones Richard Pierce a
Kepfer Emma Booth a
LaDomus Mary Hoffman a
Lee Grace Frances a
Logan Margaret a
McGinnis Florence Isabel a
Newton Myra a
Pace Linda Heathcote a
Paul Lillie Cunningham a
Pyewell Mary Mitchell a
Rennie Violet Martha a
Rhodes William Warren a
Schmidt Caroline May a
Sidwell Viola May a
Smith Frances May a
Springer Edward Hewlings a
Stewart Anna Griffith a
Tyson Oscar Stager a
Wallworth Florence Estelle a
Wilson Josephine Elliotte a
Wood Irvana May a
Wood Viola Caroline a
Baker Arabella Pullen co
Bowen Henry Cullis co
Hoffman Arthur Henry co
Holmes Arthur James co
Jester Jesse William co
Newman William James co
Johnson Joseph Ward b
Smith Harry Vincent b
Booth Joseph Smith s
Booth Margaret Macklen s
Brown James Michael s
Cass Rebecca s
Cochran Samuel Bacon s
Curriden Bertha Caroline s
Housum Fannie Wack s
Maher James s
Patterson Grace Edith s
Robinson Helen Blanche s
Smith Mary Elizabeth s
Smith Robert Ibotson s
Sweeney Madeline Colman Mildred s
Whiteley Lillie May s
Wyatt Edna s



a = "Academic"
b = "Bookkeeping Course" (certificate)
c = "Classical"
co = "Commercial Department - Complete Course" (Diplomas)
n = "Normal Course"
s = "Stenography Course" (certificate)



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