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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School, erected 1901

Chester High School

Class of 1908


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA, available at the Delaware County Historical Society Research Library.
Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Notes/Additional Info
Ayres Eugene Edmond a
Bates Helen May a
Black Lillian Hamilton a
Broomall Harold Shoemaker a
Carroll Rovertie a
Cullin Kathryn Dorothea a
Daniels John Murphy a
Dutton Charles Harold a
Dutton Wilmer Coffman a
Gallagher Mary Elizabeth a
Griswold Helen Mercur a
Howarth Anna Stewart a
Jefferis Mary a
Kincade Charles Edward a
Luckie Leslie G a
Lynch Marguerite Mary a
McClay Elizabeth Regina a
McCullen Mary Walburga a
McGinley Gertrude Emmanuel a
Raymond Florence a
Reinhard Walter Arnold a
Sill Mary Ella a
Stewart Irene Fields a
Swanson Olga Augusta a
Turk Ethel Louise a
Webster, Jr. George C a
Wix Edward Blaine a
Yocum A Duncan a
Young Anna Mary a
Lutton Bessie Elva c
Andrews Edith n
Bigger Rachel Adams n
Cross Mabel Ellen n
Cummings Teresa Marguerite n
Durkin Martha Elizabeth n
Entwisle Edith n
Hughes Anna Teresa n
O'Rourke Mary Joseph n
Orr Harriet Moore n
Prendergast Mary Gertrude n
Quigley Elizabeth Edmiston n
Smith Frances May n
Blackman Mary C co
Dunbar Dorothea M co
Johnson Marie P co
Kelley Francis co
McLaughlin Joseph L co
Turner C Leroy co
Ferrell Elsie L b
Ayer Marie V s
Blumberg Lillie P s
Cohn Esther s
Daley Sara M s
Flemming A Josephine s
Fogle Kathryn A s
Foley Stephen J s
Glass Louisa M s
Jackson Edna s
Kennelly Anna M s
Orr Marie M s
Parker Elizabeth s
Slater Lucy F s
Smiley Anna G s
Sparks Mabel O s
Whittle Gertrude E s
Young Marguerite J s



a = "Academic"
b = "Bookkeeping Course" (certificate)
c = "Classical"
co = "Commercial Department - Complete Course" (Diplomas)
n = "Normal Course"
s = "Stenography Course" (certificate)



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