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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School, erected 1901

Chester High School

Class of 1915


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA, available at the Delaware County Historical Society Research Library.
Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Notes/Additional Info
Armour Florence Kathryn
Armstrong Jennie Graham
Barnshaw John Wesley Covington
Bates Batherine Mary
Beatty Edward Fell
Bell Louie Wood
Bell Pearl
Berry Homer Hendricks
Bischoff Mary Wentz
Bloom Rose
Bonsall Helen
Bottomley Ethel Mae
Briner Marian Elizabeth
Butler Ruth
Canavan John Alan
Courtney George Julian
Crothers Leroy Robert
Crowther Alice Elizabeth
Crowther Florence Eliza
Daller Dorothy Rider
Deakyne Harry Clarence
Ewing Marian Blandford
Elsbree Willard Slingerland
Fagan Thomas Francis
Flannigan Robert Shultz
Forsberg Sidney May
Gallagher Paul Lincoln
Glass Florence Theodosia
Grant Georgiana
Hawthorne Marian Eva
Hazel Elva
Helms Marguerite Wright
Hodge David Malcolm
Irwin Walter Elder Lamond
Jackson, Jr. William Andrew
Johnson Charles Russell
Kidd John Edward
Kirkma Robert Theodore Blakeley
Larkin Mary Gilbert
Levy Estelle
Lintz Eugenie Millicent
Logan Gladys Wells
MacGlaughlin Florence Trainer
Maison George Gray Knowles
Maloney Henrietta
McCall Jeanette Rowland
McCoy Lydia Anna
McEntee Peter Joseph Francis
McLaughlin Edward David
McLean Sara Marie
Milbourn, Jr. James Greenwood
Mills William Benjamin
Mitchell Catherine Baillie
Nolan, Jr. John Peter
Ogden John Mahlon 1942: Owner & President of Elmira Baseball Club
Oglesby Raymond
Orr Caroline Ella
Padgett Minnie Annetta
Palmer Edgar Zavitz
Plumley Evelyn Mildred
Powell John Hillyard
Rankin Margaret
Rebert Elizabeth Robinson
Robinson Ada Ellen
Robinson Harry Gurnsey
Robinson Robert Parks
Roop Elizabeth Maria
Rose Florence Marguerite
Sapovits Harry
Silcox William Detwiler
Smith Sylvester Edward
Sparks Lewis Bush Righter
Stein Elizabeth
Stinson Robert Hollowell
Thompson Nora Belle Carter
Tweltridge Sara Taylor
Vanaman Kathryn Beatrice
Vorhees Beatrice Eletha
Walker Mildred Mary
Walker Frank Redmond
Walters Mary Kerlin
Weston Warren Knight
Wilkins Nellie Myra
Williams Glwadys Windstone
Zelson Louis Gabriel
Ashworth Lavina s
Bower Helen Hale s
Boyle John s
Browning Margaret s
Davison Francis Elmer s
Dix Mildred Elizabeth s
Griffiths Mary Margaret s
Gunning Helen Rebecca Hilda s
Hamer Florence Mabel s
Isaacson Dorothy s
Kahlert Albertine Ruth s
Lukens Helen May s
McLaughlin Marcella Luise s
Mock Gertrude Genevieve s
Peters Elizabeth s
Peters William s
Rhoads Mildred Fulton s
Shaw Helena Charlotte s
Smith Bessie Pearl s
Smith Grace Elizabeth s
Tague Francis Elizabeth s
Walker Ruth Elsie s
Ward Marie Benedict s
Wolson Leah s
Blondin Mattie Morton co
Ingram Barbara Ann co
Lowell Bernice Marcella co
Thomas Helen Veronica co



a = "Academic"
b = "Bookkeeping Course" (certificate)
c = "Classical"
co = "Commercial Department - Complete Course" (Diplomas)
g = "General Course"
n = "Normal Course"
s = "Stenography Course" (certificate)
sc = "Scientific Course"

Many thanks to Janet Andrews Moulder of Wilmington, DE for allowing us to borrow her Mother's collection of Annuals (1915-1918) and to Caroline for spending the time to key in the Faculty lists and share them with us!


Joseph G. E. Smedley, A.B.


Class President - Harry C. Deakyne

Vice President - Helen Bonsall

Secretary - Nora Thompson

Treasurer - Sylvester Smith



Evelina D. Caldwell Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced Arithmetic

Laura E. Reaney, Chemistry, Physics

Florence Williams, English, Psychology, Economics, Sociology

Martha W. Doyle, Public speaking, English

Elizabeth T. Doherty, Penmanship, Bookkeeping

Alice Birtwell, German

Caroline Jackson, American History & Civics, Mediaeval & Modern History

George W. Pedlow, Ph.B., Geometry, Algebra

Grace F. Lee, A.B. , English, Drawing

Bertha B. Hepworth, A.B., M. A., French, German, Spanish

J. Homer Rennie, A.B, Latin

Laura Lamb, B.S., Biology, Chemistry

M. Lillian Ross, Vocal Music

Eva B. Walt, Stenography, Typewriting

Estelle A. Allen, Typewriting, Stenography, Spelling

Howard C. Wallaston, Bookkeeping, Arithmetic

William F. Drehs, A.B. , Arithmetic

Bertha Deakyne, Domestic Art

Millard L. Lowery, A.B., A.M., English

G. Roy Hosler, Mechanical Drawing

Margaret C. Stetser, English, Penmanship, Spelling Arithmetic

Jacob E. Myers, Latin, German

Ella W. Rennie, Penmanship, Spelling

Margaret James, Domestic Science

Bertha A. Helms, Librarian




D. Malcolm Hodge

Miss Florence Williams - Faculty Representative

Mildred Plumley - Secretary


Ethel Bottomley

Walter Irwin

Glwadys Williams

George Maison


Beatrice Voorhees

G. Julian Courtney

Girls' Athletics

Mary K. Walters


Edward G. Beatty

Frank Walker

1915 Class History

Nora Thompson

Harry Deakyne

Business Managers

Edward Kidd

Robert Stinson

Hillyard Powell


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2002 John A. Bullock III.

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