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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School, erected 1901

Chester High School

Class of 1919


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the program for the "Certification Exercises of the Commercial Class, Tuesday evening, June 24, 1919", courtesy of Harold J. Haltaman, hhaltaman@ezy.net (son of Elizabeth Agnes Trosino), and the CHS 1919 Annual, available at Delaware County Historical Society.

CHS CLASS of 1919


George W. Gulden


Class Officers

Class President: David R. Watson

Vice President: James C. McClymont

Secretary: Elizabeth T. Stewart

Treasurer: John F. Connors

Historian: Rena S. Wheaton

Poet: Martha L. Zecher

The Class of 1919

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1919 Abel George Gilbert     s      
1919 Ackroyd, Jr John Leonard     s      
1919 Atlee, 4th Washington Lemuel Prior to graduation         Listed on the "In Memoriam" page of the CHS 1919 Annual.
1919 Balance Wallace Simpson     b      
1919 Barr Margaret "Peg"              
1919 Baxter Harry "Herks" Raymond            
1919 Baxter Ruth Emma     s      
1919 Bennett Charles Augustus     s      
1919 Biller Clara "Billie" Matilda            
1919 Blackston Emma "Em" Jane            
1919 Blumbert Sarah "Sal"              
1919 Booth Edna Platt     s      
1919 Booth Marian "Peggy" Margaret            
1919 Bowen Sara "Punk" Elizabeth Cullis            
1919 Brandt Julia "Jule" Margaretta            
1919 Burke Curtis "Vamp Turkey" Veasey            
1919 Cassell Hannah "Nan" Frances            
1919 Ciesielski Walter "Deacon" Francis            
1919 Cobourn Ruth       s      
1919 Cochrane James "Jimmy" Alexander            
1919 Congleton Edythe Mae     s      
1919 Connors John "Jack" Francis           Class Treasurer
1919 Cooper Frances Salonia     h      
1919 Copple Pearl May     s      
1919 Crossman David Clark     s      
1919 Crothers Ethel "Bunnie" Sydney            
1919 Davis, Jr. Howard "Chick" Langworthy            
1919 Delaney John Joseph     s      
1919 DePrisco Jennie "Jen"              
1919 Duckworth Percy "Perc" Howard            
1919 Durham Elizabeth Mae     s      
1919 Dyson Alice Fowden     s      
1919 Eisner Bella "Belle" Frieda            
1919 Farmer James "Chinck" "Cootie" "Irish Statesman" Joseph Lee            
1919 Finegan Clarence Frances     s      
1919 Frank Arnold "Frank" Samuel            
1919 Ginns Reba "Reba" "Ginnsey"              
1919 Goodman Dora "Do-ri"              
1919 Graham Janet "Jan" Campbell            
1919 Grant Elsie "Else" Beatrice            
1919 Greenfield Ethel Mary     s      
1919 Griffith Elizabeth Miller     s      
1919 Hamilton Helen "Cap" Beggs            
1919 Harris Sadie "Sis" Gertrude            
1919 Hebden Margaret "Peg"              
1919 Hodge Catherine Raudenbush     s      
1919 Hoffecker Eva "Hoffy" "Eve" Elizabeth            
1919 Hoffner Mary "Polly" Edna            
1919 Houston Charles "Chass" J            
1919 Howard Natalie Rowland     s      


Faculty & Staff:

Evelina D. Caldwell
Laura E. Reaney - Chemistry
Florence Williams - Head of Dept. of English
Martha Worrell Doyle - Head of Dept of Public Speaking
H. Lee Kuntzleman - Head of Commercial Dept
Miriam R. Barnet - English & Public Speaking
Alice Birtwell - Spanish & Latin
Mona Clarissa Creer - English
Bertha B. Deakyne - Household Science
Elizabeth T. Doherty - Bookkeeping & Penmanship
Hannibel Gerald Duncan - Social Science
Mabel E. Edwards - Commercial Subjects
Helen M. Ferree - English
Wilhelmina C. Garvin - Spanish, French
Albert Demsey Hartley - Algebra, Geometry
Bertha A. Helms - Secretary
Martha D. Helms - Domestic Art
Bertha Brooke Hepworth - French, Spanish
Charles R. Hollenbach - History
G. Roy Hosley - Mechanical Drawing, Manual Training
Caroline M. Jackson - History
Laura Lamb - Biology, Household Chemistry
Sarah Dutton Leeds - History, Chemistry, General Science
Marjorie L. McIntyre - Latin
Mary L. Morrow - Commercial English
Clark M. Parks - Commercial Work
Georgo W. Pedlow - Mathematics
Marguerit Poronto - Shorthand, Office Training, Typewriting
Ella W. Rennie - Typewriting, Stenography, Calculation, Business Practice, Spelling, Office Training
M. Lillian Ross - Director of Music
Jesse W. Sharp - Typewriting, Business Forms, Spelling
Ida Evelyn Shieler - Arithmetic, Stenography, Penmanship
Doris V. Stern - Bookkeeping
Margaret C. Stetser - Penmanship, Arithmetic, Calculation
Jacob J. Weitzenfeld, Mechanical Drawing
Marion Werner - Commercial Work

Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Notes/Additional Info
Abel George Gilbert s
Ackroyd, Jr John Leonard s
Baxter Ruth Emma s
Bennett Charles Augustus s
Booth Edna Platt s
Cobourn Ruth Baker s
Congleton Edythe Mae s
Copple Pearl May s
Crossman David Clark s
Delaney John Joseph s
Durham Elizabeth Mae s
Dyson Alice Fowden s
Finegan Clarence Frances s
Greenfield Ethel Mary s
Griffith Elizabeth Miller s
Hodge Catherine Raudenbush s
Howard Natalie Rowland s
Knox Beatrice s
Laurent Edna Louise s
O'Hara Mary s
O'Neill Francis William s
Phillips Emma Rodgers s
Senf Anna Bertha s
Simcox Lewis Brooke s
Spangler Edna Anna s
Stark Iva Nellie s
Taylor Jane Fulton s
Trosino Elizabeth Agnes 1/12/1971 Haltaman s
Walley Eleanor Logan s
Winterbottom Virginia Hammell s
Balance Wallace Simpson b
Cooper Frances Salonia h



a = "Academic"
b = "Bookkeeping Course" (certificate)
c = "Classical"
co = "Commercial Department - Complete Course" (Diplomas)
g = "General Course"
h = "Home Making"
n = "Normal Course"
s = "Stenography Course" (certificate)
sc = "Scientific Course"



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