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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School

Class of 1922


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1922 Chester High School Annual:

Many thanks to Dene & Marvin Bloom, PA for sharing with us a copy of his father's (Herman Bloom's) annual.

CHS CLASS of 1922


James Homer Rennie, AB

Assistant Principal

George W. Pedlow, Ph. B.


Class Officers

Class President: Duncan Hatton

Vice President: Edna Rothfuss

Secretary: Margaret Tweltridge

Treasurer: Paul Feeser

The Class of 1922

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1922 Abrams Morris              
1922 Barton Lena              
1922 Baxter Anna Jane            
1922 Biller Joseph "Joe"              
1922 Blumberg Gussie "Gus"              
1922 Blumberg Leon              
1922 Bray Mary              
1922 Brown Catherine Isabel            
1922 Brubeck Harold              
1922 Buono Alfred              
1922 Burns Norman              
1922 Casey William "Bill"              
1922 Christy Frank              
1922 Clark Margaret "Peg"              
1922 Cloud Orlando "Bud" Hall            
1922 Coombes Anne              
1922 Coppock Walter "Cal"              
1922 Cox Louise              
1922 Craig Margaret "Marge" "Peg"              
1922 Deakyne Ethel "Babe"              
1922 Deans William "Bill"              
1922 Derbyshire Florence "Flos"              
1922 Derr Irene              
1922 Elliott William              
1922 Feeser Paul E           Class Treasurer
1922 Ferguson Mary "Madge" Madeline            
1922 Flake Carrie Nazelle            
1922 Fontaine Viola Odessa            
1922 Frank Anna              
1922 Ginsburg Isadore              
1922 Grasty James Henry            
1922 Grieco Frank "Ted" "Frankie" D            
1922 Haddad Fareed "Freed"              
1922 Haddad Huda              
1922 Hadfield Elizabeth "Lib" "Libby" "Betty"              
1922 Hansel Bertha              
1922 Hatton Duncan S           Class President
1922 Hawke Mary J            
1922 Hoot Elizabeth "Lib"              
1922 Huber Olive "Jimmie"              
1922 Hueston Mathew              
1922 Hughes Beatrice Mae            
1922 Hughes Elizabeth "Betty"              
1922 Hunter Elizabeth "Betty" "Lib"              
1922 Kelly Mattie Louise            
1922 Knight Alan Turner            
1922 Letsche Mary H            
1922 Lintz Augusta              
1922 Lockman Alice "Polly" "Al" Mary            
1922 Loveland Elizabeth "Betty"              

Faculty & Staff:

Evelina D. Caldwell - Mathematics
Caroline M. Jackson - History
John J. Matthews - Director of Industrial Education
Laura E. Reaney - Head of Department of Science
M. Lillian Ross - Director of Music
Florence Williams - Head of Department of English
Martha W. Doyle - Head of Public Speaking Department
David M. Baker - Pattern-making
Miriam R. Barnet - Public Speaking
Alice Birtwell - Spanish & Latin
Mary G. Belig - Commercial Arithmetic
Lee F. Crippen - Ancient & American History, Civics
Florence E. Crowther - Lunch Room Supervisor
Helen M. Ferree - English
Hildred A. Dickinson - Commercial Subjects
Elizabeth T. Doherty - Bookkeeping
Mabel Edwards - Bookkeeping & Penmanship
Robert C. Gates - Mathematics
J. Homer Graber - Trade Mathematics
Arthur D. Graeff - Roman HIstory & Civics
Esther N. Hall - English
Albert Demsey Hartley - Algebra & Geometry
Bertha Helms - Substitute & Home Visiting Teacher
Lucia Eaton Dearborn - French & History
Bertha Brooke Hepworth - French, Spanish
G. Roy Hasler - Assistant Director of Industrial Education
Mary Jones - Bookkeeping [Biography]
J. Durrell Krause - Science
William H. Krell - Spanish & French
Laura Lamb - Biology, Household Chemistry
Charles P. Larkin - Director of Athletics
Grace F. Lee - Free Hand Drawing
Sarah D. Leeds - History, Chemistry, General Science
Helen D. Maxwell - English
George M. Miller - Latin
Mary L. Morrow - Commercial English
Elizabeth Ortleib - Commercial Subjects
A. Park Orth - Head of Commercial Department
Martha L. Pancoast - Latin & Algebra
Clara M. Parks - Commercial Subjects
Edna M. Powel - English
Mary E. Pedlow - Librarian
Ida Pedlow - Cooking
Ella W. Rennie - Commercial Subjects
Willis E. Seiders - Mathematics
Stephen G. Sokolofsky - Industrial Drawing
Margaret C. Stetser - Economic HIstory, Commercial Geography, Social Sciences
Charles Smith, Jr. - Machine Shop Practice
Mary Smith - Assistant Secretary
Elizabeth Telford - Commercial Subjects
Lillian Trout - Typewriting
Lyda TUrner - Industrial English
A. G. Ungerleider - Science, Shop Mathematics
Edna Wagner - English
Emile R. Walliser - Spanish
Marion Werner - Commercial Subjects
Ethel Wood - Secretary to Principal


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2003 John A. Bullock III.

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