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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School

Class of February 1923


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1922 Chester High School Annual:

Many thanks to Dene & Marvin Bloom, PA for sharing with us a copy of his father's (Herman Bloom's) annual.

CHS CLASS of February 1923


James Homer Rennie, AB

Assistant Principal

George W. Pedlow, Ph. B.


Class Officers

Class President: Bernice Bolton

Vice President: Margaret Palmer

Secretary: Gertrude Hysore

Treasurer: Evelyn Cuddy

The Class of February 1923

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1923-02 Avery Dorothy              
1923-02 Bolton Bernice "Bee" Bennett           Class President
1923-02 Brick Leon              
1923-02 Carbine Francis              
1923-02 Cuddy Evelyn             Class Treasurer
1923-02 Dwyer Martin              
1923-02 Dwyer Thomas "Tom"              
1923-02 Harvey Catherine "Kit" "Kitty"              
1923-02 Hibbert Ethel Mae            
1923-02 Hill Cleo Elizabeth            
1923-02 Hughes Bertha Ann            
1923-02 Hunter Helen              
1923-02 Hysore Gertrude "Gert" Anna           Class Secretary
1923-02 Johnson Mary Edith            
1923-02 Johnson Merrill              
1923-02 Lessy Charlotte Gena            
1923-02 McCloskey William "Bill"              
1923-02 Much Jacob "Jake"              
1923-02 Paige Mary Elizabeth            
1923-02 Palmer Margaret "Peg" Elizabeth           Class Vice President
1923-02 Plafker Nathan              
1923-02 Schnavas Alice Beatrice            
1923-02 Skillman Mildred              
1923-02 Szczurowski Reynold              
1923-02 Witsil Margaret "Peg" Cotton            

Faculty & Staff:

Evelina D. Caldwell - Mathematics
Caroline M. Jackson - History
John J. Matthews - Director of Industrial Education
Laura E. Reaney - Head of Department of Science
M. Lillian Ross - Director of Music
Florence Williams - Head of Department of English
Martha W. Doyle - Head of Public Speaking Department
David M. Baker - Pattern-making
Miriam R. Barnet - Public Speaking
Alice Birtwell - Spanish & Latin
Mary G. Belig - Commercial Arithmetic
Lee F. Crippen - Ancient & American History, Civics
Florence E. Crowther - Lunch Room Supervisor
Helen M. Ferree - English
Hildred A. Dickinson - Commercial Subjects
Elizabeth T. Doherty - Bookkeeping
Mabel Edwards - Bookkeeping & Penmanship
Robert C. Gates - Mathematics
J. Homer Graber - Trade Mathematics
Arthur D. Graeff - Roman HIstory & Civics
Esther N. Hall - English
Albert Demsey Hartley - Algebra & Geometry
Bertha Helms - Substitute & Home Visiting Teacher
Lucia Eaton Dearborn - French & History
Bertha Brooke Hepworth - French, Spanish
G. Roy Hasler - Assistant Director of Industrial Education
Mary Jones - Bookkeeping [Biography]
J. Durrell Krause - Science
William H. Krell - Spanish & French
Laura Lamb - Biology, Household Chemistry
Charles P. Larkin - Director of Athletics
Grace F. Lee - Free Hand Drawing
Sarah D. Leeds - History, Chemistry, General Science
Helen D. Maxwell - English
George M. Miller - Latin
Mary L. Morrow - Commercial English
Elizabeth Ortleib - Commercial Subjects
A. Park Orth - Head of Commercial Department
Martha L. Pancoast - Latin & Algebra
Clara M. Parks - Commercial Subjects
Edna M. Powel - English
Mary E. Pedlow - Librarian
Ida Pedlow - Cooking
Ella W. Rennie - Commercial Subjects
Willis E. Seiders - Mathematics
Stephen G. Sokolofsky - Industrial Drawing
Margaret C. Stetser - Economic HIstory, Commercial Geography, Social Sciences
Charles Smith, Jr. - Machine Shop Practice
Mary Smith - Assistant Secretary
Elizabeth Telford - Commercial Subjects
Lillian Trout - Typewriting
Lyda TUrner - Industrial English
A. G. Ungerleider - Science, Shop Mathematics
Edna Wagner - English
Emile R. Walliser - Spanish
Marion Werner - Commercial Subjects
Ethel Wood - Secretary to Principal


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2003 John A. Bullock III.

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