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Class of 1944


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1944 Chester High School Annual, available at Delaware County Historical Society.

CHS CLASS of 1944


Karl E. Agan

Dean of Girls

Edna S. Emmott

Vice Principal

Vincent A. Halbert, Vice Principal


Senior Advisors:

Peter Albanese
Leah E. Bloom
Selina T. Bradley
Margaret A. McNeal
Martha L. Pancoast
Frank Seletz

Annual Dedicated to:

Mrs. Abigail S. Rowland


Class Officers

Class President: James E. Shrom

Vice President: Harold "Hal" P. Dehner

Secretary: Doris E. Wood

Treasurer: Mary A. Beldecos

The Class of 1944

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1944 Albano Elizabeth P       1021 W. 5th    
1944 Aldstadt Leah         630 E 9th    
1944 Allard Jane T       2830 W 10thy    
1944 Allen Claude L       1022 W. 8th    
1944 Alprin Stanley "Stan"         1119 Edgmont    
1944 Anderson Evelyn O       1521 W. 9th    
1944 Anderson Fannie E       1223 Edward    
1944 Anthony J Edward       229 W 9th    
1944 Arbogast Ruth E       1018 Butler    
1944 Argentine Mary         35 W 3rd Marcus Hook  
1944 Ashby Elaine M       1027 W 8th    
1944 Ayers Stephen         3 Parkway Ave    
1944 Baker Beulah A       1608 W 3rd    
1944 Balink Edward         1512 Walnut    
1944 Balink Helen M       1512 Walnut    
1944 Barnhardt Guy         208 E 14th    
1944 Baron Michael         102 Booth    
1944 Barrett Robert         2416 Upland    
1944 Basciano Mary         616 W. Front    
1944 Beldecos Mary A       311 Pennell   Class Treasurer
1944 Bell Daniel A       313 E 10th    
1944 Bellis Susan J       712 Fulton    
1944 Belluce Robert L       2430 Lindsay    
1944 Bengisser Catherine V       1100 Highland    
1944 Benson Robert V       933 Lamokin    
1944 Blazynski Earl E       310 Hayes    
1944 Blisard James C       1241 Pine Lane    
1944 Bloom Harris T       16 E 18    
1944 Bolestria Virginia         1307 W 3rd    
1944 Bookout Marjorie R       622 Concord    
1944 Bramble Francis A       822 Butler    
1944 Bridge June E       101 E Parkway    
1944 Brown Betty J       511 W 24 Upland  
1944 Brown Elman         15 E Ridge, R.D. 1    
1944 Brown John W       2127 W 2nd    
1944 Brown Mabel T       1733 Mary    
1944 Brown Thelma L       710 W 2nd    
1944 Bruno Genevieve J       934 W 9th    
1944 Burns Albert C       540 E 15    
1944 Burros Stanton         804 Edgmont    
1944 Cacciatore Lillian J       3230 W 3rd    
1944 Calcagnetta Lena         1125 W 8th    
1944 Cantalamessa Camille L       1011 Concord    
1944 Cardwell Frank B       3019 W 9th    
1944 Carlone Lillian R       1021 W 8th    
1944 Carner Audrey L       1629 Ward Linwood  
1944 Carr Frank J       828 W 3rd    
1944 Carroll Agnes G       1106 W 8th    
1944 Carter John C       317 Rose St    
1944 Chazin Clara         918 W 5th    


Faculty & Staff:

Alda M. Adams, Commercial
Frederic G. Addis, English
Peter Albanese, Science
A. Groff Alderfer, Science
Agnes L. Alexander, Librarian
G. Bailey Alexander, Vocational
David M. Baker, Vocational
Calvin Barlieb, Social Science
Florence O. Benjamin, Social Science Head
Mollie H. Bleloch, English
Leah E. Bloom, English
Lillian V. Boiesen, Mathematics
Harold Boyer, Physical Education
Selina T. Bradley, English
Raymond H. Brandt, Vocational
J. Harold Brewster, Physical Education
Alexander H. Brown, English
Albert J. Buono, English
Alfred D. Buono, English
Alfred D. Buono, Social Science
Catherine Cape, Commercial
Mary V. Carroll, English
Hannah F. Cassell, Social Science
Isabel Clark, Commercial
Sylvia M. Cohen, Assistant Secretary
David L. Congleton, Vocational
Sara H. Culbertson, Mathematics
Frank Detwiler, Industrial Arts
Margaret S. Dunn, Science
Elizabeth Ellis, Art
Alice F. Ewing, Homemaking
Margaret M. Foreman, Social Science
Blair Ganoe, Vocational
Charles A. Giles, Social Science
Amanda B. Gum, English
Ruth D. Hargreaves, Science
Harold V. Hartman, Spanish
Effie M. Hibbs, Science Head
Sarah P. Holcroft, Spanish
G. Roy Hosler, Mechanical Drawing
William S. Houpt, Social Science
Leah E. Jordan, English
Robert Journey, Industrial Arts
Winona King, Homemaking Supervisor
Henry B. Kulp, Vocational
Robert Lannen, Mathematics
Charles D. Long, Music Supervisor
Howard Lutton, Vocational
Jennie Mahon, Commercial
Vera H. McBride, R.N.
George McCain, Industrial Arts
Margaret A. McNeal, Science
Edna M. Mills, Music
Mildred H. Moore, Secretary
Margaret K. Muldoon, French
Mary C. Muldoon, English
Margaret G. Nothnagle, Homemaking
Martha L. Pancoast, Latin
John C. Pentecost, Vocational
W. Henry F. Pierson, Social Science
Arleyne Pittenger, Physical Education
W. Robert Prosser, Commercial Head
Clara P. Riley, English
Harry L. Riley, Vocational
Abigail S. Rowland, English
Carolin M. Scott, Commercial
Leona M. Sealey, Physical Education
Frank Seletz, Social Science
Robert F. Sholly, Mathematics
Mary L. Springer, Assistant Secretary
Elizabeth D. Stevens, Homemaking
Marguerite N. Thorn, Art
Edna M. Wagner, English Head
Margaret E. Walker, English
James E. Watson, Vocational
Gertrude S. Weaver, German
Edith White, English
Ruth M. Williams, Physical Education
Milton C. Woodlen, Mathematics
Lewis R. Zelley, Music
Clare M. Ziegler, Commercial


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2003 John A. Bullock III.

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