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Chester High School
Class of 1917 - "Our Army"


OUR ARMY  (from the 1917 Annual)

When Uncle Sam became deeply involved in the trouble across the water, the male students of the Chester High School formed a volunteer company which trained daily on the back campus.  At first, there was no discipline and plenty of mutiny, but every one enjoyed the drill.

Then, through the courtesy of the Pennsylvania Military College, we were given real drills under competent officers.  Captain Lewis Morey, U.S.A., included.  These drills took place twice a week for a period of ten weeks.  During that time we became intimately acquainted with work.

About eighty boys enlisted, and trained, forming two compainies.  The picture shows only part of the "army," Company A.


  Photo from the CHS 1917 annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder

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