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Chester High School, erected 1901

Chester High School

Class of 1917


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"Our Army", CHS 1917

The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1917 Chester High School Annual:

Many thanks to Janet Andrews Moulder of Wilmington, DE for allowing us to borrow her Mother's collection of Annuals (1915-1918) and to Caroline for spending the time to key in the lists and share them with us!


CHS CLASS of 1917


Joseph G. E. Smedley

Annual Dedicated to:

Mr. Joseph G. E. Smedley

Class Officers

Class President: George Morton Daller

Vice President: Rebecca Rose

Secretary: A. Lawrence Baxter

Treasurer: Dorothy Burk

The Class

Earl Slater Armour
Virginia Irene Barber
Edward Evans Bartleson
Albert Lawrence Baxter
Anna J. Beatty
Chatherine Mary Lyons Bessinger
Leah Elizabeth Bloom
Beverly Yorke Blow  [Biographical Sketch]  [Obituary]
Marian Rosamonde Boyd
Rose Brind
Helen Dorothy Burk
Laura Gertrude Cardwell
Allene May Clark
Elen Agnes Clausen
Rebecca Scott Cobourne
Sarah Failanb Cochrane
Marian Moore Cooper
Florence Ann Crush
Mary Agnes Cummings
George Morton Daller
Lydia Anne Pierce Davis
Marian Elizabeth Deakyne
George Fallows Deakyne
John Vincent McPherson Diggins
George Diggins
Edna Cecilia Dougherty
Anna Marie Dougherty
Lawrence Vincent Dolan
George Quigley Downes, Jr.
Martin Joseph Dwyer
Margaret Earnshaw
Harold Pressler Eby
Carroll Patterson Ford
Samuel Freedman Ginns
Marie Hildegrade Glenney
William Greenberg
Grace Madeline Haller
Norman Spencer Harrington
William Minton Harvey
Dorothy Ellen Hepford
Hannah Hepworth
Louis Higgins
John Maddux Hilgert
Helen Josephine Howarth
Samuel McClure Hueston
Frank Allen Hulme
Ralph Kahlbaugh
Edward Buffington Kitts
Etta Klee
Judith Koplin
Charles Plummer Larkin, Jr.
Charles Wildey Lukens
John Cacadam, Jr.
John Wesley Maloney, Jr.
Mary Alice Marshall
Frank Henry McCowan
Alice Easby McCoy
Irma Bernice McLean
Elizabeth Lucy Megraw
Elizabeth Cecilia Tinney Miles
Mary Olive Minnick
Gretchen Randle Monroe
Lucy Montomery
Elizabeth Miles Moon
Margaret Elizabeth Nolan
Franklin Lehman Oakes
Carrol Edwards Ogden
Elaine Elinor Oppen
George Thomas Pancoast
Lillian Emerene Pancost
Ida Eunice Pedlow
Kathryn Hinkley Rea
Florence Bessie Roberts
Rosabelle Garfield Rice
Waltr Rodman Robinson
Helen Louise Roney
Louis Rosenberg
Rebecca Rose
David Garrick Rutter
Elwood Earl Shisler
Julia Wright Smith
Rachel Hill Spencer
Jacob Swimmer
Edith Hall Taylor
Frank Clayton Taylor
Nathan Tullis
Marel Emma Taylor
Christine Julia Trosina
Mildred Niblock Volkhardt
George Albert Walker
Marian Elizabeth Walker
Cecilia Dorothy Walton
John Speakman Ward
James Waters
John Lawson Watson
Margaret Forshaw Whittle
Ethel Bertha Wood
Raymond Ernst Zickel


a = "Academic"
b = "Bookkeeping Course" (certificate)
c = "Classical"
co = "Commercial Department - Complete Course" (Diplomas)
g = "General Course"
n = "Normal Course"
r = "Regular High School Courses"
s = "Stenography Course" (certificate)
sc = "Scientific Course"


To continue old customs of the school, and to inaugurate new ones, has been the aim of the class of Nineteen Hundred Seventeen. In accordance with this, we have left as our memorial a bright and shining addition to the exterior beauty of our Alma Mater--two attractive bronzed poles, bearing electric lights, placed one on each side of the walk leading to the main entrance to the building. The need of better lighting for the front of the school has been recognized, and Seventeen has seen fit to supply this necessity.

In dedicating this memorial, the members of Nineteen Hundred Seventeen, individually and collectively, do so as a most profound expression of heir deep reverence and devotion to the Chester High School.



Joseph G. E. Smedley. A. B. (Dickinson)

Evalina D. Caldwell
Plane Trigonometry, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Advanced Arithmetic, Advanced Algebra

Laura E. Reaney
Physics, Chemistry

Florence Williams
English, Sociology, Economics

Martha Doyle
Public Speaking, English

Alice Birtwell

J. Homer Rennie A. B. (U. of P.)
English, Latin

Mary L. Morrow
English, History of Commerce, Commercial Geography, Theory of Geography

Victor H. Boell. Ph. B (Dickinson)
English History, Ancient History

Laura Lamb, B. S. (U. of P.)
Chemistry, Biology, Algebra

M. Lillian Ross
Vocal Music

Howard C. Wallaston
Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Spelling

Elizabeth T. Doherty
Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Commercial Arithmetic, Rapid Calculation

Caroline Jackson
United States History, Mediaeval and Modern History, Civics, School Management

George W. Pedlow, Ph. B. (Dickinson)
Algebra, Arithmetic, Spelling and Business forms

Grace F. Lee, A. B. (Swarthmore)
English, Free Hand Drawing

William F. Drehs, A. B. (Muhlenburg)
German, General Science, Biology

Bertha B. Hepworth, A. B. (Swarthmore); M.A. (U. of P.)
German, French, Spanish

Bertha Deakyne
Domestic Art

G. Roy Hosler
Mechanical Drawing, Manual Training

Lester E. Bacon, B. A. (Dartmouth)
French, Spanish, German

Albert J. Dorn, B. S. (U. of P.)
English, History

Ella W. Rennie
Penmanship, Shorthand, Spelling

Horace L. Custer A. B. (Ursinus) A. M. (Columbia)
Biology, Geometry, Physiography, General Science, Methods in Arithmetic

Willis E. Seiders, B. S. (U. of P.)
English, Algebra

Margaret C. Stetser
Arithmetic, English, Penmanship

Marguerite Poronto
Shorthand, Typewriting, Spelling, Office Training

Jessie Sharp
Business forms, Spelling, Penmanship, Typewriting

Mary A. Manwaring

Bertha Helms

Ada Schlicher, A. B. (Ursinus)
English, Public Speaking

Harry H. Kirk (Drexel)
Mechanical Drawing

Amos Henry, A. B. M. A. (F. & M. )
Social Science

Mames Spitznes, A. B. (Dickinson)



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2002 John A. Bullock III.

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