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St. Anthony of Padua School

School: 3rd & Parker St.
Chester, PA

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St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church

Former Teachers:


Some teachers 1969: - 1

Sister Camillus (8th Grade & principal)
Sister Casmier
Sister Mary Cecily
Sister Gerard
Sister Mary Philomina Ann

2002: "She's 67 years old and still teaching first grade in Augusta, GA" - 2

More teachers c. 1971: - 2

Sister Mary Priscilla
Sister Mary Caroline (Principal in 1971)
Sister Mary Angelina
Mother Mary Emmerencia
Sister Mary Gerard
Miss Alpighini (our beloved third grade teacher who later entered the I.H.M. order but left).

School History: St. Anthony's School was opened in September 1921 by Rev. Antonio Garritano. It operated for 50 years, closing after the graduation of the class of 1971.
Classes: Class of 1959

Class of 1971

Pictures of the Class of '71 and their trip to Washington
A more recent picture of the Class of '71

Recollections: "St. Anthony's school was on Third and Parker Sts. in Chester. The school was run by The Fransican Sisters.   I graduated in 1969. Sister Camillus was the eighth grade teacher  and also the principle at the time. St. Anthony's Church on Third and Franklin Sts. was the parish. It was sandwhiched between William Penn Projects. Our play area was right in front of the school . It was blocked off during lunch period with barriers to keep the cars out. Other teachers were Sister Casmeir, Sister Ceicly, Sister Gerard, Sister Philomina Anne. Their convent was attached to the school. It was a small school and everyone knew everyone. I guess I forgot to tell you the most important thing was the majority of the students were of Italian descent. I hope you get more information from others about the history of the school."

- Laura Morgan
Eddystone, PA

Many thanks to the following for contributing information for this page:

1 - Laura Morgan

2 - Loretta Boden Rodgers

3 - Richard C. Collachi

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