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Miss Heradah E. Newsome

Photograph from the Chester High School Class of 1938 Annual courtesy of Helen Stauffer Hess, Swarthmore, PA

Miss Heradah E. Newsome

(A biographical sketch by Margaret H. Martin, CHS June '38, from the Chester High School Class of 1938 Annual courtesy of Helen Stauffer Hess, Swarthmore, PA )

The memory of her gracious manner in the classroom, which enabled students to benefit from her teaching without self-consciousness, is only one of the legacies left us by the much-admired Heradah E. Newsome.

An accident which occurred while she was sojourning in Canada claimed one of the most efficient teachers in the Chester school system. She was a member of the system for only two years, during which period she spent much time reading and taking additional courses in social studies and English at the University of Pennsylvania.

Miss Newsome was born and reared in Chester, and attended the Dewey School [photo] and Chester High School. Later she matriculated at Ursinus College, from which she was graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in social Studies and English in 1931.

She participated in many outside activities while attending college, being a member of the hockey team and the basketball team, in addition to having membership in the Curtain Club, the Booster Committee, and the May Pageant group.

While a member of the high school faculty, Miss Newsome became an adviser of Tri-Hi, a Y. W. C. A. organization for high school girls, and there added much to her already great popularity. She was liked everywhere because of her charming personality and her sense of humor. Her memory will always remain one of our most cherished reminders of the days in high school.

Because of her great influence on the lives of those with whom she cam in contact, and the lasting impressions that were engraved on their minds, we know that Miss Newsome has heard the "Well done" that greets everyone who has lived a life of devoted companionship and service.





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