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Dr. John O. Simpson

Dr. John O. Simpson

Dr. John O. Simpson

Photograph courtesy of Dr. Simpson and the Norfolk VA Public Schools

Dr. John O. Simpson

A 1967 Chester High School graduate, Dr. Simpson has served as the Superintendent of Norfolk Public Schools in Norfolk, VA since July 1998.  He just recently won the Richard R. Green Award. He was chosen from a group of urban school leaders who chose Dr. Simpson based on leadership, innovation, professionalism, and community involvement.

Dr. Simpson also attended Horace Mann and Dewey Mann Elementary, and Douglas and Pulaski Jr. High Schools in Chester. He is a graduate of West Chester State University, holds a degree from the University of Delaware, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

Click here to read Dr. Simpson's biography on the Norfolk Public Schools' website.

"Florence L. Simpson, a maker of ladies hats and owning a store on 7th street near Central Ave. was the grandmother of Dr. John O. Simpson, now superintendent of schools in Norfork, Va. Dr. Simpson's parents were Charles and Wilma Simpson. (Wilma, Bertha Fuller and some other mothers were instrumental in desecrating Dewey Mann School at 3rd and Yarnall Street during the mid 1940s.) Florence L. Simpson's brother was Charles Oakford Henry who owned several real estate properties in Chester and was chauffeur for Gov. Sproul. Dr. John O. Simpson got his middle name from this great uncle."

- Bill Simpson, Wmsimpsr10@aol.com 





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