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Chester High School

Class of February 1925


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1924 Chester High School Annual, available at Delaware County Historical Society.

CHS CLASS of February 1925


George W. Pedlow


Class Officers

Class President: Russell Patterson

Vice President: Howard Painter

Secretary: Gladys Lowell

Treasurer: Angela Simms

The Class of February 1925

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1925-02 Baxter Donald "Donny" "Don"              
1925-02 Bell Louis "Billie" "Bumb-bell"              
1925-02 Bloom Sylvia              
1925-02 Buono Adeline "Addie" "Buono"              
1925-02 Burke Ray "Burky" P            
1925-02 Carter Anne "Sparta" Cliffe            
1925-02 Cassidy Leroy              
1925-02 Corcoran Mary              
1925-02 Craig Willard "Hecker" "Farmer" "Timber-topper"              
1925-02 Cristy Banner              
1925-02 Cury Samuel "Sam" "Shorty"              
1925-02 Davis Irene "Renie" "Dave"              
1925-02 Deans Marion "Deany"              
1925-02 DeHaven Ethel "Pudge"              
1925-02 DeShields Clara              
1925-02 Diehl Elsie "Dimps" Maie            
1925-02 Doyle Joseph "Joe" "Doylie"              
1925-02 Drabkowski Longina              
1925-02 Dranov Jenny "Jennie" "Jen"              
1925-02 Elliott Frances "Franny" "Fredie"              
1925-02 Fenza Frances "Nancy" "Fanny"              
1925-02 Fullerton Janet              
1925-02 Gangloff Mary              
1925-02 Gilers Charles "Charlie"              
1925-02 Giles Howard              
1925-02 Goodman Irene              
1925-02 Harrison Roland              
1925-02 Howard Elizabeth "Betty" Christian            
1925-02 Ives George "Ice" "Georgie" "Delaware"              
1925-02 Kunkel Elizabeth Myers            
1925-02 Lerman Samuel              
1925-02 Lowell Gladys Vera           Class Secretary
1925-02 Marshall Elwood "Aspirin"              
1925-02 Martin Beatrice              
1925-02 McCabe Sproul              
1925-02 McCullough Charles "Charley"              
1925-02 McKay William              
1925-02 McKee Wesley "Wes" "Mac"              
1925-02 Much Harry              
1925-02 Muldoon Mary "Ann"              
1925-02 Nessenthaler Jack              
1925-02 Painter Howard "Curly" "Painter" T d. 8/31/2002         Class Vice President
1925-02 Patterson Russell "Pat"             Class President
1925-02 Phillips Elizabeth "Lib"              
1925-02 Rogozinski Stanley "Sir Roger" Frank            
1925-02 Rohacz Eugene              
1925-02 Rosenblatt Leah "Lee" Minerva            
1925-02 Simmons Annette "Ann" "Net"              
1925-02 Simmons Cecelia              
1925-02 Simms Angela             Class Treasurer

Faculty & Staff:

George W. Pedlow, Principal
Florence Williams, Head of English
Laura E. Reaney - Head of Science
Caroline M. Jackson - History & Civics
Martha W. Doyle - Head of Public Speaking
John J. Mathews - Director of Industrial Ed
M. Lillian Ross - Director of Music
Alice Birtwell - Latin
Albert Demsey Hartley - Algebra & Geometry
Willis E. Seiders - Head of Math
Edna Wagner - English
Helen M. Ferree - English
Helen D. Maxwell - English
Helen Thompson - Free Hand & Mechanical Drawing
Grace F. Lee - Free Hand Drawing
William H. Krell - Spanish & French
Martha L. Pancoast - Latin
Elsie V. Haney - Algebra & Geometry
Elizabeth T. Doherty - Bookkeeping
Arthur D. Graeff - American History
Dorothy L. Ide - English
Bertha A. Helms - Substitute & Home Visiting Teacher
J. Homer Graber - Trade Mathematics
Ida Pedlow - Home Economics
John H. Hughes - Algebra & Science
Lee F. Crippen - History
Helen Chandler Markill - English
Effie M. Hibbs - Chemistry, General Science
Ralph Kahlbaugh - Chemistry
Lyda Turner - Industrial English
Solomon Hagy - Biology & General Physics
Leah Gingrich - English, French
A. Given Canan - Civics, Algebra
Mary Morrow - English
A. Paul Rubrecht - Spanish
Mabel Edwards - Head of Commercial Dept
Ruth E. Tanguy - Public Speaking
J. Hunter Howard - Mathematics
Charity B. Hampson - English, Public Speaking
Leah E. Bloom - Spanish, English
G. Roy Hosler - Mechanical Drawing
Arthur P. Brewer - Machine Shop Practice, Trade Theory
Ella W. Rennie - Typewriting
Lillian P. Trout - Typewriting, Bookkeeping
A. G. Ungerleider - Mechanical Drawing
Mary R. Jones - Bookkeeping [Biography]
Margaret Stetser - Social Sciences, Commercial Geography, Psychology
Charles P. Smith - Machine Shop Practice
Elizabeth K. Ortlieb - Shorthand & Typewriting
Clara M. Parks - Stenography
Lester I. Arnold - Mathematics
David M. Maker - Pattern-Making & Trade Theory
Helen Agnew - History, Civics
Edna Emmott - Commercial Arithmetic
George M. Miller - Latin
Hannah Farr Madison - English
Mary E. Pedlow - Librarian
Ocie L. Buckner - Bookkeeping
Helen M. Libby - French
Florence Fallon - Spanish
LeRoy Y. Stout
Charles P. Larkin - Director of Athletics
Florence E. Crowther - Lunch Room Supervisor
Ethel Wood - Secretary to Principal
Mary G. Smith - Assistant Secretary

Note & Photo "To the memory of dour dear friend and comrade Miss Evelina D. Caldwell, Teacher in the Chester Schools 1880-1923

Class History:


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