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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School

Class of February 1929


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1928 Chester High School Annual.

CHS CLASS of February 1929


George W. Pedlow


Class Officers

Class President: Joseph Damico

Vice President: Marker Todd

Secretary: Regina Curry

Treasurer: Samuel Bossard

The Class of February 1929

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1929-02 Baxter Isabel Rachel            
1929-02 Bell Jack C            
1929-02 Blackston Paul              
1929-02 Bossard Samuel B           Class Treasurer
1929-02 Chak Rebecca              
1929-02 Collett Nellie              
1929-02 Congleton Edwin              
1929-02 Curry Regina             Class Secretary
1929-02 D ?               Name & picture cut from yearbook
1929-02 Damico Joseph A           Class President
1929-02 Dehner Mildred "Mim" Veronica            
1929-02 Dickinson Isabelle B            
1929-02 Doyle Mary Frances            
1929-02 Field Dorothy "Dot"              
1929-02 Firth Margaret "Peggy" Scott            
1929-02 Fry Helen              
1929-02 Fulmer Hannah Teresa            
1929-02 Green Eleanor "Greenie" Florence            
1929-02 Greenberg Hyman "Hy"              
1929-02 Heywood Warren              
1929-02 Hosler Margaretta Elizabeth            
1929-02 Krudo Simon              
1929-02 Levine Celia              
1929-02 Linski Clara Mercy Y            
1929-02 Mason Margaret Anne            
1929-02 McGlincy Margaret "Peg"              
1929-02 Meiser Elinor Houston            
1929-02 Miller James              
1929-02 Moore Betty              
1929-02 Moskowitz Sara              
1929-02 Overholtzer Esther "Tess"              
1929-02 Phillips Louise              
1929-02 Plafker Anne              
1929-02 Pyle Bertha "Bertie" Mae            
1929-02 Rightmeyer Nelson Waite            
1929-02 Robinson Anna "Sis" L            
1929-02 Roubert Phyllis              
1929-02 Rouch Frank              
1929-02 Rutter Elizabeth "Libby"              
1929-02 Todd Edgar Marker           Class Vice President
1929-02 Trainer Elizabeth "Beth" C            
1929-02 Williams Louise              
1929-02 Wolson Rose R            

Faculty & Staff:

George W. Pedlow, Principal
Martha W. Doyle - Head of Public Speaking Dept
Laura E. Reany - Head of Science Dept
Florence Williams - Head of English Dept
Helen Agnew - Latin and French
David M. Baker - Pattern-making & Trade Theory
Alice Birtwell -Latin
Leah E. Bloom - English
Arthur P. Brewer - Machine Shop Practice, Trade Theory
Thomas Cain, Jr. - History
Hannah Cassell - History
John D. Christman - Algebra
R. H. Coe - English
Margaret L. Cummings - English
Elizabeth T. Doherty - Bookkeeping
Edna S. Emmott - Arithmetic
Florence Fallon - Spanish
Hummel Fishburn - Music
J. Homer Graber - Trade Mathematics
Amelie Graf - French & Spanish
George De Haas - History and Mechanical Drawing
Solomon L Hagy - Physics & Biology
Daniel H. Hall - Mathematics
Helen M. Hall - English
Charity B. Hampson - English
Albert Dempsey Hartley - Algebra & Geometry
Bertha Helms - Typewriting
Effie M. Hibbs - Chemistry & General Science
J. Hunter Howard - HIstory
Emile H. Huber - Mathematics
John H. Hughes - Problems of Democracy
Caroline M. Jackson - History
Mary R. Jones - Bookkeeping [Biography]
Ralph Kahlbaugh - Chemistry
Charles P. Larkin - Director of Athletics
Marjorie Larkin - Biology and English
Allen R. Matthues - Spanish
Mary Ed Mecoy - Art Department
Pamela McWiliams - History
Elizabeth Miller - Mathematics and English
Caroline V. Murdock - Commercial Law and Geography
Ozell Orr - Art
Martha Louise Pancoast - Latin
Clara M. Parks - Stenography & Typewriting
Ward Pearson - Latin [Biography]
Mrs. George W. Pedlow - Librarian
Jean Prosser - English
Ella W. Rennie - Stenography and Typewriting
Elizabeth F. Schieck - Assistant Secretary
Charles P. Smith - Mechanical Drawing
Logan Smith - Industrial English and Science
Ruth E. Tanguy - Public Speaking
Edna M. Wagner - English
Ethel B. Wood - Secretary to Principal

Class History:


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2005 John A. Bullock III.

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