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Schools Plaque & Cornerstones
Chester Water Authority, 5th & Welsh St.


Text of the plaque:

The historical significance of this site is recognized and commemorated by the Board of Directors of the Chester Water Authority, by the setting of these two original corner stones in November 1978.

This site housed four former schools from 1770 to 1961.

The first school erected in 1770, the Joseph Hoskins School, was the earliest school house erected in the borough and township of Chester.

In 1867, the Central Grammar School, later called the Dr. Elwood Harvey School was erected.

In 1882, the second Joseph Hoskins School was constructed.

In 1886, the first Chester High School was opened. This was later called the Dr. Samuel Starr school.

In 1961 construction was begun on the main office and administration building of the Chester Water Authority formerly called the Chester Municipal Authority.

Chester Water Authority
Board of Directors



Photos 2002 John A. Bullock III

2002 John A. Bullock III.
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