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Old Chester, PA: Chester Water Authority

Municipal Authority Building 1927, Photo courtesy of TinaMarie Little

"This picture (1927) is of the old Chester Municipal Authority building.
The building was vacated when the new offices were built across the street
and DELCORA then moved into the building.
The building no longer stands, as DELCORA erected a new building in 1999."
TinaMarie Little

Photo above courtesy of TinaMarie Little

Chester Water Authority, SE Corner 5th & Welsh St.

The current Chester Water Authority Building, SE corner of 5th & Welsh St.

(Formerly the site of Central (later Harvey) Grammar School, Hoskins School and the Starr School, the original Chester High School)

In 1978 the Chester Water Authority erected a plaque and the original corner stones of these buildings in their parking lot.
April 27, 2002 Photo John A. Bullock III.

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More Photos:

front_and_fulton_1868.jpg (259600 bytes)

Front & Fulton Streets, 1868

water_pump_station_070127.jpg (145686 bytes)

New Pump Station
Front & Fulton Streets

July 1, 1927

water_maint_garage_070127.jpg (102602 bytes)

Maintenance Garage
Front & Fulton Streets

July 1, 1927




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2001 John A. Bullock III.

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