World War I
Roster of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Nurses
of Chester and vicinity who served in the Great War.

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On June 20-21, 1919 a Citizens' Reception was held in Chester to "honor the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Nurses of Chester, PA and vicinity on their return from the World War 1914-1919."

The following lists of names are taken from the program book for the reception:

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - Mc
N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y - Z
Nurses - Red Cross Canteen (Overseas)

Note (quoted from the original program book): Despite all efforts to secure a complete list of those in the several branches of the United States service, this roster is not complete.

- M -

Maccauley, Peter L.

Macconi, Pasquale

MacCulley, Frank Earl

MacDonald, E. N.

MacDonald, Jos.

MacDonald, Geo.

MacFayden, W. R. C.

MacIntyre, John L.

Mack, Francis Alvin

Maddox, Robert R.

Magee, Howard

Maggio, Carmello

Magin, Thos. F.

Magnavita, Geo.

Maguigen, Paul M.

Maguire, Chas. B.

Maguire, Leo

Maguire, Thos. L.

Maher, Jos. F.

Mahoney, Andrew J.

Mailman, Henry

Maison, Geo. Knowles

Maison, Wm. Henry

Major, Herbert

Major, Horace

Maker, Jas.

Maley, Martin

Malges, Gennario

Malichi, Jordon

Mancini, Lenizi

Mander, Santee S.

Manley, Wm. G.

Mann, Edw.

Mannering, Wilmer N.

Mansby, Wm.

Mansfield, Roby

Maone, Nicholas

Maragos, Peter

Marantino, John

Marchese, Luigi

Maresi, Enrico

Marinelli, Augustine

Marin, Lewis

Marks, Elmer A.

Marsden, Albert

Marshall, Horace W.

Marshall, Newlin

Marshall, Everett

Martilla, Eino

Martin, Chas.

Martin, Robt.

Martin, Steve J.

Martin, Arthur

Martin, F. B.

Martin, Frank

Martin, Jas. A.

Martin, Ralph P.

Martin, Robert C.

Marvel, Frank

Marvel, Walter

Mason, Chas. W.

Mason, Edw.

Mason, Finley

Mason, L. F.

Mason, Thos. T.

Mason, Wm. Henry

Massey, Chas. F.

Massey, Norman S.

Matherson, Geo.

Matonti, Vincezo

Matteo, Celeste

Matthews, Albert

Matthews, Geo.

Mattioli, Jos.

Mature, Anthony

Maxfield, Albert

Mayesky, Walter

Meade, Chas.

Meade, Shelton

Mealing, Walter H.

Medley, Earnest P.

Meekan, Robt., Jr.

Meffield, Lehue

Meinzer, Edw. J.

Meinzer, Wm. J.

Melchior, Luco A.

Melchioure, Peter

Mendenhall, Jos. Harlan

Meola, Anthony Wm.

Mercandante, Jerry G.

Mercer, Ernest J. S.

Mesby, Clifford

Meyers, A. R.

Miceli, Philip

Michael, Vitalino

Michele, Robt.

Middleton, David

Miles, Chas. Carson

Miles, D.

Miles, J.

Miles, Ralph

Miles, Oscar Park

Milia, Salvatore

Miller, Charles M.

Miller, Bennie

Miller, Earl H.

Miller, Frank

Miller, Harry

Miller, Howard

Miller, Leon

Miller, Leroy W.

Miller, Lucien

Miller, Peter

Miller, Samuel B.

Miller, Thos. H.

Miller, Wm. W.

Mills, Ralph C.

Mills, Thos.

Mills, Wm.

Minott, Ray M.

Missimer, Geo.

Missimer, Jos.

Mitchell, Ferrid W.

Mitchell, Geo. S., Jr.

Mitchell, Harry T.

Mitchell, John E.

Mitchell, Walter S.

Mixon, Harry T.

Mochnaly, Jos.

Money, Jas. E.

Monroe, Henry

Monroe, John

Monroe, Michael

Monroe, Wayne

Montgomery, Clyde B.

Moody, Wm.

Moore, Calvin

Moore, Chas.

Moore, Herman C.

Moore, Louis Vincent

Moore, Wm. E.

Moose, Wm.

Moozakes, Tom D.

Moran, Patrick

Moreau, Victor

Moretti, Antonio

Morgan, Frank

Morgan, Geo.

Morgan, John

Morley, Thos.

Morlock, Herbert V.

Morson, Aloysius F.

Mortimer, Antony

Mortland, Clarence L.

Morton, Chas. E.

Morton, Chas. E. [Note: Chas. E. Morton is listed twice in the original program book]

Morris, Arthur Gilbert

Morris, Frank

Morris, Herbert

Morris, Howard F.

Morris, Victor

Morris, Thurston McK.

Morrison, Frank

Moseley, Benj. C.

Moseley, Harry J.

Moseley, Lentz G.

Moses, Wm. P.

Mosley, Benj.

Mosser, Geo. D.

Motley, Lewis

Moulder, Ed. D.

Mounie, Chas.

Mousley, Edw.

Mousley, Harry

Moyer, Cornelius W.

Moyer, Jos.

Mullen, Chas. A.

Mullen, Daniel L.

Mullin, Jos. A.

Mulligan, John J.

Mullins, Harold

Mumford, Oscar

Murazewski, Boleslaw

Muro, Alexander

Murphy, Edw. J.

Murphy, Frances E.

Murphy, Francis L.

Murphy, Howard V.

Murphy, Hugh E.

Murphy, Murry J.

Murphy, Timothy

Murphy, Wm. J.

Murray, Francis G.

Murray, Geo. B.

Murray, Thos. E.

Murray, Wm.

Murry, Edw. J.

Musser, Clarence

Muzzy, Frederick

Myers, Robt. B.


- Mc -

McAllister, Chas. H.

McAllister, Jos. A.

McAndrews, Thos.

McAteer, Hugh, Jr.

McAteer, Jas.

McAteer, John

McBride, Edw. J.

McCaffrey, Wm. E.

McCain, John R.

McCann, Robt. E.

McCarron, Edw.

McCarty, Daniel J.

McCarty, John Jos.

McCarty, Philip J.

McClashion, Daniel

McClay, Samuel J.

McClay, Wm. A.

McClurg, John F.

McCoach, Geo.

McCoach, Wm.

McCole, Howard C.

McConnell, Chas. W.

McConnell, Wm.

McCoy, Gerald B.

McCoy, Jas.

McCoy, Jas. F.

McCoy, Howard J.

McCoy, LeRoy G.

McCray, Heston D., Jr.

McCray, Geo.

McCullough, Chas.

McDade, Edw. J.

McDaniel, Henry

McDevitt, Dennis

McDevitt, John A.

McDevitt, Wm. J.

McDonald, Jos.

McDowell, Stanley L. [Biographical sketch]

McDowell, Wesley

McElvaine, Arthur

McElvaine, Wm.

McElwee, Bernard

McElwee, John

McFate, Thos. J.

McGinley, Edw. F., Jr.

McGinn, Daniel

McGinn, John

McGinnis, Chas.

McGlontin, Howard

McGovern, Wm.

McGowan, Jas. P.

McGowan, Jas.

McGraw, Jas. J.

McGraw, Richard

McGucken, Patrick J.

McGuire, Walter J.

McGurk, Alexander

McHugh, John Jos.

McIntyre, Archie

McIntyre, Lawrence F.

McIntyre, J. L.

McIntyre, Wm.

McKee, Percy A.

McKelvey, Walter R.

McKelvey, Wm.

McKenna, John F.

McKenna, Thos.

McKenna, Wm.

McKeown, Wm.

McKinney, Arthur J.

McKinney, Earnest

McKinnon, Samuel

McKuine, Walter J.

McLain, Russell

McLaughlin, Frank L.

McLaughlin, Howard N.

McLaughlin, Jas. F.

McLaughlin, Jas. J.

McLaughlin, John A.

McLaughlin, Jos. C.

McLaughlin, Jos. L.

McLaughlin, Mark Jas.

McLaughlin, Michael

McLean, Jas. T.

McMackin, Jas.

McMaster, John

McMillan, Hugh, Jr.

McMillen, Robt.

McMonegal, Thos. Jos.

McNabb, Thos. J.

McNultry, John

McSherry, Harry

McVey, Edgar

McVey, John T.

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