World War I
Roster of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Nurses
of Chester and vicinity who served in the Great War.

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On June 20-21, 1919 a Citizens' Reception was held in Chester to "honor the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Nurses of Chester, PA and vicinity on their return from the World War 1914-1919."

The following lists of names are taken from the program book for the reception:

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Nurses - Red Cross Canteen (Overseas)

Note (quoted from the original program book): Despite all efforts to secure a complete list of those in the several branches of the United States service, this roster is not complete.

- Nurses -

Bessinger, Miss --- [as printed in the original program book]

Carphardt, Josephine

Coleman, Dolly

Connolly, Anna

Dilks, Helen

Disart, Nellie

Dunlap, Eva

Lappin, Carrie

McGuire, Mary

McKinney, Maude

Manson, Anna

Martin, Flora B.

Montgomery, Joanna

Montgomery, Virginia L.

Morton, Laura

Strain, Anna

Quillen, Edith

Winkler, Frances


- Red Cross Canteen (Overseas) -

Starr, Mary F.

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