World War I
Roster of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Nurses
of Chester and vicinity who served in the Great War.

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On June 20-21, 1919 a Citizens' Reception was held in Chester to "honor the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Nurses of Chester, PA and vicinity on their return from the World War 1914-1919."

The following lists of names are taken from the program book for the reception:

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - Mc
N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y - Z
Nurses - Red Cross Canteen (Overseas)

Note (quoted from the original program book): Despite all efforts to secure a complete list of those in the several branches of the United States service, this roster is not complete.

- U -

Ulle, John

Ullman, Roland G. E.

Uff, --- [as in original program book]


- V -

Vance, James L.

VanHorn, James E.

Vannaman, Thomas

Vantine, Joseph M.

VanTine, William

Vasilopoulos, Nicolas

Velomo, Enrico.

Vernon, Thomas W.

Vespasiano, August

Vircuso, Joseph

Vitell, Silvia

Vittrio, Dalti

Volkhardt, Robert A.

Volski, Vincent

Volturo, Michele

Voosellino, Joseph

Voshelle, Samuel A.

Voshelle, Walter Hilbert

Voulgaris, Basil


- W -

Waler, John

Walinsky, Edward

Walker, Chas.

Walker, Frank R.

Walker, Jacob L.

Walker, Jas.

Walker, Jesse

Walker, John Munroe

Walker, Malcolm Carlyle

Walker, Parcell

Wallace, Columbus

Walls, Harry Wilmont, Jr.

Walsh, Geo.

Walsh, Michael J.

Wallace, Jos.

Wallis, Chas. H.

Walls, Riley

Walsh, Edw.

Walters, N. R.

Wamsley, David

Waples, Gilbert C.

Ward, Frank K.

Ward, Graham

Ward, John S.

Ward, Thomas J.

Warden, Ben Tilford

Warden, Julian Carlisle

Warfel, Arthur

Warner, Herbert

Warrick, Stephen L. C.

Warwick, William

Washington, Henry Dixon

Wasilow, Peter

Water, Albert R.

Waters, James

Watkins, Ernest M.

Watkins, Howard A.

Watkins, Thos. R.

Watmuff, Percy

Watson, John

Watson, Jas. A.

Watson, Jos. L.

Watson, Milton

Watson, Samuel

Watson, Thos. C.

Watson, Thos. R.

Watson, Wm.

Watters, Leslie

Watts, Chas.

Watz, Geo.

Way, Mm. L.

Weaver, Wm. Wesley

Webster, Daniel

Webster, Geo. C., Jr.

Weeks, Jos. Borton

Welch, Geo.

Wells, Ernest

Wells, Jas. E.

Welsh, Louis F.

West, Chas. H.

West, Lawrence

West, Samuel T.

Wetherill, John Larkin

Whaley, Lawrence

Whisher, Henry

Whitekunas, Geo.

Whiteley, Louis

Wholahan, Jos.

Wholahan, Raymond

Whyat, Jos.

Wigostky, Soloman

Wild, Herbert J.

Wiley, David A.

Wiley, Fred E.

Wiley, Raymond H.

Wilkie, Frank J.

Willeke, Matthew G.

Wilkins, Noble

Wilkins, Thos. W.

Wilkinson, Ralph N.

Williams, Chas.

Williams, Chas. H.

Williams, Cornelius M.

Williams, David Albert

Williams, Frank E.

Williams, Ira R.

Williams, John H.

Williams, Jos R.

Williams, Kid

Williams, Leo J.

Williams, LeRoy

Williams, Paul

Williams, Percy C.

Williams, Thos.

Williams, Washington

Willis, Horace R.

Wilson, Chas. E.

Wilson, Clifford

Wilson, Cornelius E.

Wilson, Elmer

Wilson, Henry

Wilson, Samuel

Wilson, Wm.

Wimble, Wm. E.

Wise, Howard O.

Wisland, Roy M.

Wolfe, Frank

Wolson, Henry

Wolson, Julius

Wood, Chas., Jr.

Wood, Chas. E.

Wood, Herbert

Wood, Jas. Wm.

Wood, Jesse

Wood, Samuel R.

Woodcock, John D.

Woodrow, Ralph O.

Woodruff, J. Ralph

Wooley, Ernest

Woolley, John W.

Wooters, Leslie

Wooters, Lester

Worrell, Chas. E.

Worthy, Judge

Wright, Earl C.

Wright, Geo.

Wright, Hervey B.

Wright, Thos. E.

Wright, Wm. H., Jr.

Wrobleski, John

Wuchicki, John

Wyatt Jos. E., Jr.


- Y -

Yakumus, Dan

Yarkamarik, Frank

Yavaroski, Bronislaw

Yeager Andrew B.

Yelton, Clarence

Yoder, Edgar Crandall

Yost, James

Young, Harry E.

Young, John

Youskowskie, Anthony

Yurkunis, Joseph A.


- Z -

Zaremsky, Stephen

Zimmer, Wm. R.

Zimmerman, A. F.

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