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Class of 1930


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1930 Chester High School Annual, available at Delaware County Historical Society.

CHS CLASS of 1930


George W. Pedlow


Class Officers

Class President: Clyde Everett Dalton

Vice President: Val John Sutton

Secretary: Eva Miriam Buckley

Treasurer: Gertrude Irene Hampson

The Class of 1930

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1930 Abrams Samuel Anthony            
1930 Adams Margaret Lavina            
1930 Albanese Joseph Howard            
1930 Babe Stanley James            
1930 Baer Elizabeth Regina            
1930 Baer Sylvia Beatrice            
1930 Baxter William Joseph            
1930 Beck Louise Wilhelmina            
1930 Bergan Mary Elizabeth            
1930 Bessinger Anna Joan            
1930 Bishop Mary Elizabeth            
1930 Blumenkrantz Walter              
1930 Brain Ruth Marian            
1930 Brooks Dorothy J            
1930 Bruce Donald Campbell            
1930 Bryant Emma Pearl            
1930 Buckley Eva Miriam           Class Secretary
1930 Burns Kathryn Cecelia            
1930 Butterworth Norman S            
1930 Cavanaugh Margaret M            
1930 Cherry Martha              
1930 Christie James              
1930 Cirilli Filbert John D. S. Prior to graduation         In Memoriam note in the annual: "Filbert John D. S. Cirilli, Friend and classmate"
1930 Clayton Helen Louise            
1930 Clendenning Sarah Janet            
1930 Collins Esther Mary            
1930 Crothers Margaret E            
1930 Dalton Clyde Everett           Class President
1930 Darr, Jr Harry Ivan            
1930 Davis Mildred Gibson            
1930 Dilmore Blanche Estella            
1930 Dorce Eugene "Nin" Rosita            
1930 Duncan Beatrice Esther            
1930 Fife Margaret Dorna            
1930 Frankel Mary Ruth            
1930 Fullmer Robert Joseph            
1930 Green Nelson Clayton            
1930 Grider Alice Idalie            
1930 Grieser William P            
1930 Gross Laura              
1930 Grossman Martha              
1930 Hamlin Roger B            
1930 Hampson Gertrude Irene           Class Treasurer
1930 Heintzel Helen Louise            
1930 Heisner Calvin Robert            
1930 Hill Dorothy Effie            
1930 Hill Thomas S            
1930 Howe Fred              
1930 Ives Robert Blackman            
1930 Johnson Marie Wotring            

Faculty & Staff:

George W. Pedlow, Principal
Martha W. Doyle - Head of Public Speaking Dept
J. Homer Graber - Head of Mathematics Dept
Caroline M. Jackson - Head of History Dept
Laura E. Reany - Head of Science Dept
Ella W. Rennie - Head of Commercial Dept
Florence Williams - Head of English Dept
Wilbur L. Argebast - Mathematics
David M. Baker - Pattern-making & Trade Theory
Elizabeth Bartleson - English
Alice Birtwell -Latin
Leah Bloom - English
Myra Tyson Boyle - Art Dept
Arthur P. Brewer - Machine Shop Practice, Trade Theory
Amanda Brown - English
Alfred Buono - Director of Athletics, Physical Educati  on
Mary V. Carroll - English
Hannay Cassell - History
John D. Christmas - Mathematics
Frank Coulter - Director of Vocational Education
Margaret L. Cummings - English
George Dehaas - Social Studies
Edna S. Emmott - Stenography, Typewriting, Arithmetic
Amelie Graf - French & Spanish
Solomon L Hagy - Physics & Biology
Charity B. Hampson - English
Albert D. Hartley - Mathematics
Harold V. Hartman - Spanish
Bertha A. Helms - Typewriting
Effie M. Hibbs - Chemistry & General Science
G. Roy Hosley - Mechanical Drawing & Mathematics
R. Esther Howard - Public Speaking
J. Hunter Howard - Chemistry & Physics
Ralph Kahlbaugh - Chemistry
Emile H. Huber - Mathematics
Zena Hunter - Chemistry & Biology
Mary R. Jones - Bookkeeping [Biography]
George D. Lange - Social Studies & Industrial English
Charles D. Long - Music Dept
Jennie Mahon - Bookkeeping
Allen R. Matthues - Spanish
Pamela McWiliams - History
Elizabeth Mildred Miller - Mathematics
Caroline V. Murdock - Stenography
Harriet E. Oliver - Mathematics & Latin
Martha Louise Pancoast - Latin
Clara M. Parks - Stenography & Typewriting
Ward Pearson - Latin [Biography]
Andella Pierson - History
Arleyne Pittenger - Physical Education
Caroline Robison - Public Speaking, French
Margaret Slaughter - French & Latin
Charles P. Smith - Mechanical Drawing
Theodore Smithers - Problems of Democracy
Florence Steele - Art Dept
Florence H. Stein - English
A. Eleanor Thompson - Librarian
Eunice Valentine - English
Edna Marie Wagner - English
Gladys Wagner - Social Studies
Louise Williams - Assistant Secretary
Ethel B. Wood - Secretary to Principal
Lewis R. Zelley - Music Dept

Class History:


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2003 John A. Bullock III.

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