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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Class of 1935


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1935 Chester High School Annual, available at Delaware County Historical Society.

CHS CLASS of 1935


George W. Pedlow


Class Officers

Class President: John "Jack" Bland

Vice President: ?

Secretary: ?

Treasurer: Elizabeth "Betty" Scully

The Class of 1935

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1935 Agan Lois "Criscy"              
1935 Albany James "Aggie"              
1935 Arlech Yetta              
1935 Baer Marea              
1935 Bakia Catherine "Kate"              
1935 Balles Marjorie "Margie"              
1935 Barclift Gilmore "Gil"              
1935 Barnett Delbert "Del"              
1935 Barnett Evelyn "Sis"              
1935 Baron Sophie "Soph"              
1935 Baylin Adele "Ditty"              
1935 Beatley Ruby "Ru"              
1935 Beaver Elinor              
1935 Bergen Rita "Shrimp"              
1935 Biely Edward "Doc"              
1935 Biely Roy "Doc"              
1935 Bland John "Jack"             Class President
1935 Blumberg Louis "Louie"              
1935 Bojanek Robert "Zyg"              
1935 Bolestria Mary              
1935 Borland Raymond "Ray"              
1935 Boutelle Elizabeth "Betty"              
1935 Bowen William "Bunky"              
1935 Bram Marjorie "Dr. Bram"              
1935 Brooks Delbert "Bots"              
1935 Brown Frederick "Bus"              
1935 Brown George              
1935 Brown Laura "Chippy"              
1935 Burcaw Doris "Dottie"              
1935 Burt Harriet              
1935 Butt Letitia "Tish"              
1935 Calloway Charles "Chick"              
1935 Camillo Charles              
1935 Carney Thomas "Tom"              
1935 Carpenter Beulah "Betty"              
1935 Carpenter Evelyn "Carpie"              
1935 Carpenter Gladys "Scady"              
1935 Carter Susan "Susie"              
1935 Clark Kathleen "Clarky"              
1935 Colley Fred "Sappo"              
1935 Collins Anna              
1935 Collins Mary "Twinnie"              
1935 Cometz Evelyn "Ev"              
1935 Corcoran Mary "Pat"              
1935 Cramer George "Doc"              
1935 Crego John "Senator"              
1935 Croll Elizabeth "Crollie" "Betty"              
1935 Cunniffe Marie              
1935 Dalton Lewis "Lew"              
1935 Davis Francis "Franny" K           Meteorologist & Professor at Drexel

Faculty & Staff:

George W. Pedlow, Principal
John D. Christman, Assistant Principal
Edna S. Emmott, Dean of Girls
Louise Williams, Secretary to the Principal
Mary L. Springer, Assistant Secretary

English & Public Speaking Department:
Florence Williams, Head
Florence Benjamin
Leah Bloom
Amanda Brown
Mary V. Carroll
Pauline Calhoun
Ann M. Cole
Gertrude Lawton
Sarah McCartney
Mary Muldoon
Clara P. Riley
Abigail S. Rowland
Elizabeth Russell
Selina E. Turner
Edna M. Wagner
Margaret Walker

Commercial Department:
Ella W. Rennie, Head
Catherine Calhoun
Edna S. Emmott
Bertha A. Helms
Mary R. Jones [Biography]
Robert E. Lannen
Jennie Mahon
Carolin V. Murdock
Clara M. Parks
Phyllis Roubert

Amelie Graf
Helen Green
Harold V. Hartman
W. Robinson Heard
Muriel Ingram
Harriet E. Oliver
Martha L. Pancoast
Ward B. Pearson [Biography]

Industrial Department:
Frank G. Coulter, Head
David M. Baker
David Congleton
H. Roy Hosler
John C. Pentecost

Social Science Department:
Caroline M. Jackson, Head
Alfred Buono
Hannah Cassell
Basil Clare
George DeHaas
Harriet Drysdale
George D. Lange
Pamela McWilliams
Arleyene L. Pittenger
Paul W. Pritchard
Theodore Smithers

Mathematics Department:
John D. Christman, Acting Head
Neal O. Harris
Emile H. Huber
Elizabeth M. Miller
Frank N. Stein
George Waller

Science Department:
Effie M. Hibbs, Head
Iva DeWitt
Zena M. Hunter
William G. Minich
Margaret H. Schieck

Music Department:
Charles D. Long
Lewis R. Zelley

Art Department:
Myra T. Boyle
A. Marguerite Norman

Agnes C. Lorenz

Class History:



If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2003 John A. Bullock III.

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