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Old Chester, in Delaware County, PA
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Chester High School

Class of February 1937


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1936 Chester High School Annual, available at Delaware County Historical Society.

CHS CLASS of February 1937


George W. Pedlow


Class Officers

Class President: Harry "Beet" Martin Price

Vice President: John Lewis

Secretary: Helen Newill

Treasurer: Paul Stewart

The Class of February 1937

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1937-02 Albany J Roy            
1937-02 Arlech Rose              
1937-02 Armitage Elizabeth              
1937-02 Ashby Joseph              
1937-02 Bakalar Joseph              
1937-02 Bartkow Mary Elizabeth            
1937-02 Beck Adolph              
1937-02 Beck Harry              
1937-02 Bischofsgerger Erma              
1937-02 Blake William              
1937-02 Booth James Hulme            
1937-02 Boulden Helen              
1937-02 Brown Irving              
1937-02 Brown Theodore              
1937-02 Burtt Robert Wilson            
1937-02 Butler Alexander              
1937-02 Cairns Eleanor              
1937-02 Cardwell William C            
1937-02 Carpenter George              
1937-02 Chazin Sarah     Simons        
1937-02 Cimaruta Frances Marie            
1937-02 Comegys Mary Katherine            
1937-02 Coonan Kathryn Madeline            
1937-02 Cosinuke Alexander              
1937-02 Danaker Robert Louis            
1937-02 Degutis Anthony              
1937-02 Delaney William James            
1937-02 Dempsey William S            
1937-02 Diggins Dorothy              
1937-02 Dubow Dorothy Miriam            
1937-02 Dupree, Jr. Samuel Brantley            
1937-02 Eiffe Florence              
1937-02 Ernst Frances Anna            
1937-02 Ewing James Garfield            
1937-02 Foster Mary              
1937-02 Frank Alethiae Doris            
1937-02 Gattone Isabella "Izzy"              
1937-02 Geiger Edward H            
1937-02 Georgini Albert              
1937-02 Glatts Walter "Mickie"              
1937-02 Goldberg Bessie "Toby"              
1937-02 Goldstein Betty Ann            
1937-02 Goldsworthy Howard              
1937-02 Gray Earl W            
1937-02 Gray Ruth              
1937-02 Griffith John              
1937-02 Guyer Fred              
1937-02 Hall Mary              
1937-02 Hampton Elberta Mae            
1937-02 Hanna Alethea              

Faculty & Staff:

George W. Pedlow, Principal
Karl E. Agan, Assistant Principal
Edna S. Emmott, Girls' Counselor
H. Louise Williams, Secretary to the Principal
Mary L. Springer, Assistant Secretary

English & Public Speaking Department:
Florence Williams, Head
Florence O. Benjamin
Leah Bloom
Amanda Brown
Mary V. Carroll
Ann M. Cole
Leah E. Jordan
Gertrude E. Lawton
Sarah D. McCartney
Mary Muldoon
Heradah E. Newsome [Biography]
Clara P. Riley
Abigail S. Rowland
Selina E. Turner
Estella M. Von Hagen
Edna M. Wagner
Margaret Walker
Marguerite Welsh

Commercial Department:
Ella W. Rennie, Head
Catherine Calhoun
Edna S. Emmott
Bertha A. Helms
Mary R. Jones
Jennie Mahon
Carolin V. Murdock
Clara M. Parks
Phyllis Roubert
Nan M. Scott

Amelie Graf
Harold V. Hartman
W. Robinson Heard
Muriel Ingram
Margaret Muldoon
Harriet E. Oliver
Martha L. Pancoast
Ward B. Pearson [Biography]

Industrial Dept
Frank Coulter, Head
David M. Baker
David Congleton
H. Roy Hosler
John C. Pentecost

Social Science Department:
Caroline M. Jackson, Head
John Abrams
Alfred Buono
Hannah Cassell
Basil Clare
George D. Lange
Pamela L. McWilliams
Arleyne L. Pittenger
Paul W. Pritchard
Theodore Smithers

Mathematics Department
Emile Huber, Head
Ellis C. Dwyer
Robert Lannen
Elizabeth M. Miller
Silas H. Shoemaker
Frank N. Stein
George W. D. Waller

Science Department
Effie M. Hibbs, Head
Iva DeWitt
Zena M. Hunter
William G. Minich
Margaret H. Schieck

Agnes C. Lorenz

Music Department:
Charles D. Long, Head
Lewis R. Zelley

Art Department:

Myra T. Boyle
A. Marguerite Norman

Class History:



If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

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