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Moyamensing Hook & Ladder Company Members
9th & Upland/Potter St., Chester, PA

Moyamensing Hook & Ladder Company, Chester and Vicinity  1914 by Hy. V. Smith

Photo from Chester and Vicinity 1914 by Hy. V. Smith

Many thanks to Florence E. O'Bryan, FOBionicBlonde@aol.com, for providing Dates of Death for many of these members.

Some known members of the Moyamensing Hook & Ladder Company:

ID Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Death Biography Obituary Picture Notes Source
416 Alden Lewis           ? - 1950 - ?  
480 Alonso Joseph           Badge #386 Joseph Alonso
12 Barnard Robert   May 1973   Obituary      
417 Baxter Harry Ogden 12/25/1944 Biography     The only Moyamensing member to die in the line of duty in World War II.  
14 Bernhardt William P 07/04/00          
504 Bowman Herbie             julianwatras8@aol.com
487 Burns Michael L 1/20/1991   Obituary     Florence E O'Bryan
23 Clayton Robert W 12/07/96   Obituary      
418 Cornish Henry              
29 Cox Harry M 1961          
486 Crew, Jr Lewis Waverly 12/17/1993   Obituary     Florence E O'Bryan
419 Devlin James         December 4, 1945 News Article Later a Chester Fire Chief Second assistant chief January 1944 and December 1945 Devlin was also the city's building inspector.  
421 Diggins Edward "Eddie"              
420 Diggins Frank              
33 Diggins Frank R 03/17/96   Obituary      
422 Diggins Joe             Pat Lykens & Marge Lykens (daughter and widow of Jim Lykens)
40 Eaves William   06/1969          
423 Edmunds Robert "Reds"             Ken Edmunds, son
424 Gamble Dave              
50 Gill Edward J 01/03/97          
425 Gresch John "Jack"           "I was a Moya Jr. since I was 14 I'm now 48. I was past chief of the Jr. and past Lt. in the senior company when I was a volunteer. Now I'm a Captain in the Chester Fire Dept with 24 yrs." John (Jack) Gresch
426 Guzzo Rocco             Dan Littley
427 Haas Richard             John "Jack" Gresch
428 Haas Robert             John "Jack" Gresch
429 Hamilton Jack           c. 1930-1956 Peggy Lewis, daughter of Harry Peet
478 Hausmann John C   Biography     Volunteer Fire Fighter/Driver 1946-1985 John C. Hausmann, Jr., Son
430 Heywood Hartley           Driver; ? - 1949 - ?  
55 Heywood Hartley "Heck" D 01/30/97   Obituary      
56 Heywood Warren J 02/08/96   Obituary      
432 Hill Edward "Lumpy"             Dan Littley
431 Hinckley John       Obituary     Dan Littley
58 Hladasz, Jr. John   08/26/97   Obituary      
60 Howley Timothy   04/21/1995   Obituary      
61 Hudgins, Jr. Walter Leon "Sonny"   05/01/00          
433 Lamb James              
65 Lamb James E 02/19/98   Obituary      
434 Lamey Edward           Driver; late 50's into the 60's  
66 Lamey Edward G 04/26/94   Obituary      
435 Lee Ricky             John "Jack" Gresch
436 Lee Roddy             John "Jack" Gresch
70 Lykens James "Jim" J 07/26/98   Obituary   "My dad, Jim Lykens was an honorary member and also did a short stint driving the coffee wagon and serving as Chief of the Juniors. Sadly he passed away suddenly in his sleep on July 26, 1998." - Pat Lykens Pat Lykens & Marge Lykens (daughter and widow of Jim Lykens)
494 Marshall Leroi "Skip" E 1/15/1992   Obituary     Florence E O'Bryan
439 Mays Mark             John "Jack" Gresch
72 McCabe John J 06/05/1995   Obituary      
74 McDevitt Paul B 03/30/2000          
76 McDonald Edward J 01/25/99          
80 McDonald James   04/01/00          
438 McMahon Clarence "Butch"             Dan Littley
482 Mooney John B March 8, 1990   Obituary     Florence E O'Bryan
91 Moulder William I 02/21/96   Obituary      

If you have any additional information or pictures that you would like to contribute about any of the members of this fire company, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com. Be sure to include the number in the "ID" column in your email so that I can accurately identify the individual.

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