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Good Will Fire Company Members
15th & Providence Ave., Chester, PA

Good Will Fire Company, Chester and Vicinity  1914 by Hy. V. Smith

Photo from Chester and Vicinity 1914 by Hy. V. Smith

Many thanks to Florence E. O'Bryan, FOBionicBlonde@aol.com, for providing Dates of Death for many of these members.

Some known members of the Good Will Fire Company:

ID Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Death Biography Obituary Picture Notes Source
315 Arthur Charles         Picture   William H. Crystle, 3rd
316 Ayres George              
317 Bomberger Harry           Later a Chester Fire Chief  
16 Borgese Samuel   01/09/98   Obituary      
318 Borgese Samuel              
17 Bothwright Charles   1/23/1997          
319 Bufano Alfred              
320 Bufano Andy         Picture Treasurer William H. Crystle, 3rd
321 Bulger James "Totta" V           Tom Bulger, son
322 Canavan Thomas         December 4, 1945 News Article President December 1945; Later a Chester Fire Chief Lee Bennington
21 Carr James J 02/09/96   Obituary      
323 Chiominto Nicholas              
324 Chiominto, Jr. Nicholas              
325 Combs Robert              
27 Coombs Robert M 08/23/99   Obituary      
28 Corbett     08/23/99          
326 Cox James              
327 Cox Raymond              
499 Craig Charles J 5/7/1973   Obituary     Florence E O'Bryan
328 Creilly Bill             Bill Crielly
329 Crisanti Antonio             Molly Crisanti
331 Crystle, 3rd William H         President, Vice President & Captain; Badge #449  
330 Crystle, Jr. William H         Badge #402  
332 Davis, Jr. J Alfred            
333 Dickerson Edward              
334 Dickerson, Jr. Herman              
335 Dickerson, Sr. Herman              
34 Diggins Joseph              
336 Edwards Thomas         Picture Later became the first "paid" Chester Fire Chief William H. Crystle, 3rd
172 Edwards Thomas           First Chief of the new "paid" Fire Department (formerly with Good Will for many years)  
136 Flanagan Dennis J 5/13/1993   Obituary      
337 Fulmer Jake              
338 Fulmer Orville R 11/11/1993   Obituary      
339 Fulmer William              
340 Garvey Henry              
341 Gorman John              
509 Greenhalgh John J         Grandfather of Herb Grubb Herb Grubb
52 Grobes Edward   01/30/98   Obituary      
510 Grubb Herbert R         Father of Herb Grubb Herb Grubb
137 Hollis John A 3/26/1993          
493 Jefferis Daniel W 10/10/1991   Obituary     Florence E O'Bryan
342 King Harry              
343 Kromes Laverne         Picture   William H. Crystle, 3rd
71 Martin Gilbert T 02/14/98   Obituary      
344 McBride Edward              
345 McCray H D         President c. 1903  
346 McDade John E         Secretary  
347 McDade Paul              
78 McDonald Edward J 01/25/99          
348 McGinn Richard              

If you have any additional information or pictures that you would like to contribute about any of the members of this fire company, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com. Be sure to include the number in the "ID" column in your email so that I can accurately identify the individual.

2001, 2002 John A. Bullock III.

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