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Chester High Basketball Team

c. 1912

Photo courtesy of Betty-Jane Bennett Smith



First Row: 1. Col. John Howard Bennett, 2. P. Gibson;

Center Row: 1. S. or W. Cochrane, 2. J. Shaw, 3.H. Shusman;

Top Row: 1. Coach "Vic" Boell, 2. F. Mitchell, 3. S. or W. Cochran

Recollections: The following account by Ferris Mitchell is taken from the CHS 1913 "Spectrum"

Ferris Mitchell The basket ball season of the Chester High School was the most successful in the history of the school. The team played twenty-one games, won thirteen, lost seven and tied one. Much of the success of the season was due to the excellent coaching of Coach "Vic" Boell, the old Dickinson star, together with the great team work and "come back" spirit for the tight places, of each individual on the team. It was this spirit of "never say die" which helped pull the team out of many a difficult situation.

The seniors practically had control of the team this season, as four of the regular and two substitutes were '13 men the other position being filled by a '14 man. It is extremely hard to say exactly who was the best man on the team, as each player filled his position faithfully and aided in the team work and in playing not for himself but for the team and the school until the final whistle blew.

Manager Shusman succeeded in securing one of the best schedules ever known. Many new teams were played, such as Pennington Seminary, Central High, Delancy and Camden. These teams are considered to be the best in Eastern Pennsylvania, and in New Jersey. Although we failed to defeat any of those mentioned, we gave them the fiercest battles they had the entire season.

The game with Central High was a great disappointment to the team and its followers. This game was one of the best and hardest fought ever seen on the Y. M. C. A. floor. The game was marked by brilliant playing on both sides, and although Central finally won by one point, many declared Chester the real victor. It is not a small thing to let pass unobserved when a school the size of Chester holds a school as large as Central high to the close score of 21-20. Undoubtedly the defeat was due to the players’ being misinformed of the length of time to play and the poor decisions of the referee, rather than to the playing of the team.

One of the greatest victories of the season was over Roman Catholic High. It was a notable victory and one for which the team deserves great credit. The Roman Catholic High boys were very down cast over their defeat and they had reason to be, as they did not play the cleanest kind of game.

Two victories were recorded against Wilmington Friends, but Wilmington High succeeded in taking one game from us by a score of 17-15. The game was practically a foul shooting contest, and not at all interesting or exciting. Neither side was satisfied with the result.

The team this year consisted of J. Shaw, '13, captain and center; F. Mitchell, '13, forward; S. Cochran, '14. forward; H. Shusman, '13, manager and guard; J. Bennett, '13, guard; P. Gibson, '13, and W. Cochrane, '13, substitutes.

The leading scorers were in order: Shaw, Mitchell, Cochran, with Bennett, Shusman, Cochrane and Gibson having their tallies.

Six members of the team graduate, and as "Sammy Cochran is the only one left he was chosen captain for the season of 1913-14, and Harry Deakyne, '15, manager.

The departing members wish them and next year's team as successful a season as this year's team has enjoyed.

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