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Old Chester, PA: Delaware County National Bank

Pictures of the original building

Pictures of the second building (later known as the "Wolf Building")

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Directors & Solicitors

Presidents: Presidents of The Bank of Delaware County: - 2

John Newbold (1814-1815)
Dr. Jonas Preston (1814-1815)
Peirce Crosby (1816-1834)
John Kerlin (1834-1841)
Jesse J. Maris (1841-1860)
Frederick J. Hinkson (1860-1864)
Edmund Pennell (1864-1868, 1865-1874)

Presidents of The Delaware County National Bank - 2

Samuel A. Crozer (1864)
Edmund Pennell
David Trainer (1874-1875)
Robert Hall Crozer
Elwood Tyson (1877-1886)
J. Howard Roop (1886-1914-?)

Thomas M. Hamilton (1930's) - 1

Joseph Newton Pew, Sr. (late 1940's - late 1960's) - 3

Leroy F. F. Wright (late 1960's - later the first president of Southeast National Bank of PA, created by the consolidation of National Bank of Chester County with DCNB in 1969.)- 3

Cashiers: Cashiers of The Bank of Delaware County - 2

Preston Eyre (September 5, 1814-December 11, 1834)
Charles S. Folwell (December 15, 1834-March 3, 1836)
Frederick J. Hinkson (March 10, 1836-July 25, 1853)
James Garrett McCollin (August 10, 1853-August 13, 1860)
William Taylor (September 6, 1860-March 178, 1864)
Caleb Emlen (March 24, 1864-November 14, 1864)

Cashiers of The Delaware County National Bank - 2

Caleb Emlen (May 14, 1864-February 1874)
Joseph Howard Roop (February 19, 1874-June 7, 1886)
Bethuel T. Hall (1886-1904)
Thomas M. Hamilton (1904-1914-?)

Other Employees  
Company History: Thanks to Bill Schuler, Jr., billruthschuler@juno.com, for the following history of DCNB:

"Delaware County National Bank was chartered in November of 1814 and continued under the name of DCNB until January 1, 1970 when a consolidation between Delaware County National and National Bank of Chester County created Southeast National Bank of Pennsylvania.   Southeast National was acquired in July of 1983 by Fidelcor, the holding company for Fidelity Bank of Philadelphia. In September of 1984 Southeast National was merged into Fidelity Bank. Later on Fidelcor merged with First Fidelity Corp of NJ and First Fidelity was then acquired by First Union."


Many thanks to the following for providing additional information for this page:

1 - Nancy Hamilton Sager

2 - From One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914

3 - Bill Schuler, Jr.




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